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Traveling with your dog can be stressful, take the stress out of it with our wonderful travel products at Pampered Puppy.

For those with dogs, traveling with them is often needed, we have a wide selection of items to make this easier. 

Planning a road trip with your dog and don’t know what to take? Then look no more! Our website offers you all the very best dog travel accessories. You’ll find everything you need right in one place, and all at a fantastic price.

When you’re planning your journey, you need to keep all of your pet’s needs in mind. It’s important you do this, as forgetting certain things could prove catastrophic when you get to your destination – especially if you’re traveling into an area of natural beauty. Thinking ahead keeps your dog safe and healthy during your travels, and comfortable as well.

First off, you’ll need a car seat. It’s irresponsible to let your dog roam freely around the car when you are driving. Not only is this a hazard to you, it’s also potentially fatal to your dog. If you were to brake suddenly, then your dog could be hurt on impact. It’s not safe to let him or her roam, and hence you should make use of one of our many dog travel seats. A good one will keep your dog comfortable as well as safe. There is a wide range available on our site, you just need to choose one that suits your dog. They come with thick foam padding and quality covering, as well as tethers that can be adjusted around your pet so that they are strapped in, but comfortable enough to sleep.

Make sure you have a few different leashes for your travels, too. If you’re traveling out of town and you break your leash, then you’re going to have a problem when it comes to taking your dog for a walk! You’ll find a massive range of leashes on our site, from adjustable to regular. We even had bicycle leads that you can attach to the frame of your bicycle. We have everything covered when it comes to traveling with your pets!

A travel crate is usually necessary on trips as well, and we have many available on the site – from plastic crates to metal crates. The crate will allow you to keep the dog safe on longer journeys. Sometimes a strap-in car seat isn’t feasible for dogs. Crates allow you to put the dog in the boot in their crate, and in the event of a crash, they won’t hurt themselves as much as they would if they were roaming free. Just ensure that there are plenty of blankets and bedding in their crates. This keeps them comfortable on long journeys, and also reduces impact.

For more information, simply get in touch and we’ll help you with planning what you need. We’re waiting for your order and we’re waiting for your calls!



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