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Dogs like the security that a tent brings to them. Many styles for you to choose from. 

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Camelot Dog Tent
Camelot Dog Tent Price: $180.99
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Carnival Dog Tent
Carnival Dog Tent Price: $160.99
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Dogs are den animals, fulfill this need with a dog tent.

We provide pet essentials and luxuries, and one of our best selling luxury products is the dog tent. Tent for dogs is simple a little hideaway for a dog. Animals love having their own little area or their own little space, and this is the best way of providing that. Purchasing a puppy tent will keep your pet feeling comfortable and safe.

Pets, just like humans, need their own personal sanctuary. They’ll be able to sleep and relax in their dog and puppy tent. It can keep them out of drafts in the night, away from unwanted movement and noise and basically, just make them feel safe. Dog and puppy tents come in a huge variety of different forms, and we are able to offer you a huge choice.

You need to make your choice out of the tents for dogs based on, of course, the size and the height of your dog. You should also consider how noisy your neighborhood is. Many dog tents are designed to cancel out a lot of surrounding noise, so that your dog can rest at night with ease.

The Dog Haus Tent is just one kind of tent we can offer you. This tent comes with an inner liner, which is removable (so it can be washed and cleaned). The liner is padded, water-resistant and quilted, making it a fantastic option for people with puppies. The tent also has a door and windows with mesh backings, and  the whole thing can even be used as a travel seat.

Many tents come with features like this, doubling up as travel seats.

You can also get luxury dog tents, which are exactly what it says on the tin – pure luxury. You can get some tents with velvet padding and extravagant design, for the pampered pooch. No matter what you’re looking for, we are sure to be able to provide you with it. What’s more, we can also provide you with tents of higher quality than pet store products. We understand that when paying good money for a product for your pets, you want it to be good quality and long lasting.

All of our products are of the highest quality, we guarantee that. Furthermore, we ensure that our prices are competitive. Basically, we’re the best provider of dog products and dog tents online. Stick with us and we can guarantee satisfaction, quality and a low price!

If you have any questions about shipping, pricing or our products, then get right in touch! We’ll be more than happy to help and answer any questions that you may have. Our friendly team of staff will be ready to help you in a professional manner during the day

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