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Whether driving down the road in your convertible or out on the lake, protect your dog's eyes a pair of functional and stylish dog sunglasses. 

While they may seem silly at first, there are actually lots of functional reasons for dog sunglasses.

It might seem odd to some people, but dog sunglasses actually make a lot of sense! We’re able to offer you a wide range of sunglasses to protect your dog’s eyes, and we can cater for pretty much any kind of breed. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure to have it. But you must understand why our dog sunglasses are so important.

Of course, sunglasses for dogs are a part of the growing pet fashion industry. They look great, that can’t be denied! However, it should also be considered that your dog is exposed to UV rays and the elements just like humans are. As well as dust particles, dirt and bacteria in the air, UV rays can also be harmful for the eyes – especially if you live in an especially sunny state! A nice pair of dog sunglasses will not only look great on your fashionable furry friend, but they’ll help protect his or her eyes when out in the sun. It’s the perfect combination of style and function.

One particular kind of puppy sunglasses that we sell are mesh sunglasses. These glasses don’t have a usual glass lens, but instead use a fine mesh that is perfect for dogs who like to stick their head out the window. This is a common thing for dogs to do, they just love the feeling of the wind in their hair! When they do it, however, they are exposed to insects, dust and debris which could seriously damage their eyes. These mesh goggles, or doggles, can be used to protect your dog’s eyes whilst he or she enjoys the wind in their hair. Just think – if you don’t have a pair of dog goggles and a rock hits your dog in the eye, how bad would you feel? You either need to check out our fantastic range or stop letting your dog have fun! The best solution is of course obvious for dog lovers.

We also offer a different form of doggle. These doggles come with a hard glass lens, instead of a mesh. They offer even more protection for your dog, and are a must have for anybody that travels a lot in the car or on a bike with their dog. Doggles will provide complete protection for all debris, dust and rocks, and can even offer UV protection. You get the best of both worlds with these doggles. You need to remember that UV protection is as important to dogs and other animals as it is for humans! If you want to keep your dog’s eyes healthy, then it’s important that you purchase a pair of sunglasses or doggles for when you’re out in the sun.

Want to know the best bit about this news? Our website sells high quality sunglasses and doggles for incredibly competitive prices. So take a look and see what you can find!

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