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Crates: Great for Training, Sleeping, Traveling!

Dog crates are great way to potty train your new puppy or as a safe place for your dog to sleep at night.

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Dog crates are a massive part of the dog showing community, but they also prove really useful to pet owners. Many believe that dog crates are unfair to dogs, because they resemble cages and restrict their space. In actual fact, dog crates are just like dog beds or dog tents. They give a dog their own personal place. It’s somewhere that they can sleep and relax in, and feel safe in during the night. Crate beds are basically just cages that allow the dog to move freely around a given amount of space.

Whether you are in need of a large dog crate or a small dog crate we have the size to fit your pal. Your fury friend will love the crate even more when you get the perfect size crate for their own hideaway.

Soft dog crates are easy to pack and mobile with your travels, Your puppy will enjoy the soft cushion padding. They are easy to pack up when you are traveling and very easy to store then when not in use.

You can get many different kinds of crates, however. Some crates do have metal bars and do resemble a cage. They come with a plastic tray in the bottom, however. This is great if you have puppies that are not trained to go to the toilet outside, yet. It’s also convenient for older dogs, as all you have to do is put bedding down on top of the tray, and the crate becomes a bed with a roof! There’s nothing cruel about crate training – sometimes, it’s necessary.

You can find our crates useful for traveling in the car, as well as providing your dog with somewhere to sleep. Say for instance you’re traveling long distance or you have a particularly large dog, our strap-in dog seats simply won’t suffice. Instead you should arrange a crate to be fitted in the back of your car. Your dog will be able to rest in the crate on the journey on its bedding. It’s a simple and easy way of getting your dog around when traveling, and not risking your dog hurting itself by letting it roam freely inside the car.

Our crates can of course be used as solutions in the home, too. Our plastic and metal crates can be great for traveling, but they’re also fantastic in the home. Many people have dogs that are simply a little too boisterous to be trusted in the house by themselves. Large dogs like Great Danes and English Bull Terriers can simply wreak havoc in the home without having any bad intentions. You could have the most loyal and sensible dog, but still come home to a huge mess simply because your dog is large, heavy and boisterous.

By getting one of our crates, you’ll be able to restrict your dog’s movements when you’re not in the house, and give them a chance to just relax and sleep for a while. We even have water bowls that can clip to the side of the crates, so that they can sleep in their comfy bed and always have access to water, too!

If you have any more questions about what we have on offer, then please feel free to get in touch! We’re always happy to help.

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