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Keep Your Dog Looking Good with Grooming Supplies

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Even if you bring your dog to the groomer's for their haircuts, you still may need to do some maintenance at home. With our products from Pampered Puppy we will have these times taken care of.

Keep your pooch looking their best with our selection of dog grooming tools!

If you’re looking to groom your own dog, or you are going into dog showing and hence need dog grooming tools, then we have the perfect supplies for you. Whether you just need some regular bushes or you need more complex equipment for showing, then we have everything. Before you purchase, however, you need to ensure that you know what you need. You should know what you actually need to do to your dog’s hair, and you need to know what tools are right for your breed of dog. You can do this by chatting to members of staff on our hotline, or speaking to friends who may be involved in the dog showing world.

Below are just some examples of many dog grooming tools that you could purchase. As well as dog grooming supplies, we also have groom your dog at home books and instructions, as well as a range of handy dog grooming tips. If you’re thinking of grooming from home, then you’ve come to the right place!

The first thing you should know is that brushes are not universal. The kind of brush you use will depend on the length of your dog’s hair, and indeed the kind of hair.

An undercoat matting rake is something we sell an awful lot of, and they are designed for dogs that shed fur. The brush is made of a row of prongs that are able to pull out dead fur as you brush. This dead fur can get matted up, and by brushing it out, you can reduce the amount of fur that is left around the house during malting.

Then there’s the pin brush, which is also commonly used at home. They are made with and without rubber tipped ends, so you can choose. They are fantastic for getting rid of minor tangles in longer fur, and removing dead hair too. The brush is perfect for medium length coats that are curly, wiry or wavey.

Slicker brushes are usually made of very fine wires that are able to remove mats and tangles from most coat types, whether they’re short or long. It’s a great all around use but of course, doesn’t beat specific brushes. It can, however, remove dead fur from the outer coat as well as the inner coat, and is used mostly after the fur has been brushed with a pin brush. So if you’re planning on purchasing one of these, it makes sense to get a pin brush as well.

If you have any concerns or you want some questions answering, then feel free to get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to discuss requirements with you and help you with any problems that you might have!

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