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Nail Care Products

At Pampered Puppy we carry a fun selection of nail care products for you and your dog. Whether you want to have some fun and paint your dog's nail with some polish or are looking to cut your new puppy's nails at home, browse our selection of items.

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Nail Trimmer for Dogs
Nail Trimmer for Dogs Price: $16.64
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Keep them looking stylish with some dog nail polish!

We are pleased to inform you that as well as the already huge range of products that we offer, we also have nail files for puppies, dog nail polish and so much more! Of course, these are popular amongst the people who like their dog or puppy to live the luxury life, but they also provide a good purpose for nail clipping.

When you are clipping and filing your dog’ nails to make them smooth, you might find that you have a few problems with chipping. This is really common, and one way you can help improve the strength of the nails is by applying nail polish. Not only do we provide you with luxury colored and extra strength nail polish, but we also offer clear nail varnish that will be able to keep your dog’s claws intact when they are prone to breaking.

Obviously, there are other purposes for our nail varnish for puppies, however! Our online boutique offers all things luxury for dogs and their owners, and our nail polish for dogs is no exception to that rule. If you have puppies or fully grown bitches in the house, and you enjoy dressing your dog up (take a look at our clothes section if that’s your thing!), then our nail polish and nail varnish for dogs products are perfect for you.

We like to follow on from latest trends in the regular fashion world with our products, and that’s certainly true with our dog nail polish as well. We have all the latest color trends, as well as a huge range of other shades that you can match with your dog’s clothes or fur color.

Doing your dog’s nails can be fun for you and your dog. People who love dog fashion love doing this, as it’s just one of the many ways that you can accessorize your dog’s new outfit.

Remember, if you enjoying doing this with your dogs then we have a huge range of other products that you’ll no doubt be interested in. Our doggy fashion range is absolutely huge, thanks to the many designers from all over the world that have been incorporating normal human fashion into our dog fashion lines. It may sound too good to be true, but even some of the famous top designers in the world are now creating their down doggy fashion items, and we’re proud to be able to sell them to you.
As well as our doggy fashion lines, we also have a range of health products, beauty products and accessories that you’ll be able to purchase for amazing prices. Just take a look around the website and see what we can offer you. You’ll no doubt be surprised!

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