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Find a wide selection luxury dog accessories at Pampered Puppy. From stunning dog collar tags to stylish puppy sunglasses, you will find your designer dog accessories here!

Are you on the look out for accessories for dogs? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right page. Before you go online to make such purchase, bear in mind that you could spend the whole day confused on what type of puppy accessory to buy for your little furry friend. This stems from the fact that we stock varied types of dog accessories and they come in different patterns, designs, styles and shapes. Based on this, it becomes necessary that you know how to choose any type of designer dog fashion you desire for your pet. First you have to determine the type of accessories you want for your dog ranging from leash, bow tie to dog collars.

If the type of accessories for dogs you choose to buy for your pet is the dog collar, we have a wide range of styles, designs and shades to choose from. However, you should know that the size of your dog plays an important role in determining the type of collar you purchase as you look for designer dog fashion for your dog. Another thing to be considered is the type of material that would last longer for your pet. You can make a choice of leather or nylon dog collar but most importantly, ensure that the collar is sitting high on the pet’s neck but not too lose as to make it slide from the dog’s neck towards his shoulder blades.

Based on this, we recommend that there should be two fingers gap between the collar and the dog’s neck. Most of all, never forget to put a name tag on your pet’s collar.

This is another type of puppy accessory that is being used by many dog lovers who enjoy taking walks with their dogs. Although it is easy to choose this type of dog accessory, it is necessary that you choose the type of design that is very sturdy so that it can provide the right support for your little friend. What is the function of the leash? Apart from being maintaining a good position when it comes to designer dog fashion, it also serves as a training tool since through its use you effectively communicate to your dog what you want him or her to do. We have various leather designs of dog leash and works well for you in the area of taking walks and obedience training sessions.

If however, your pet likes playing around water, the nylon leash would be a better option to be considered when making a purchase of puppy accessory like leash for your dog. We also have in stock the retractable leash which is known to extend for as much as 30 feet. This particular dog leash is more beneficial when teaching your dog about obedience and command. Other accessories for dogs that you would consider buying along with the leash are the dog booties and lots more. Let us help you today make a unique statement as far as designer dog fashion is concerned.

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