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Dog Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Hoodies for Dogs are a very popular item come Fall and Winter. They are available in many different colors, shapes, sizes, and thickness so that you can customize what you need for your dog. Dog Hoodies are great for keeping your dog warm on cooler days. They also provide extra protection to your dog's neck, head, and ears.

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Austin  Parka for Dogs
Austin Parka for Dogs Price: $44.10
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Believe Dog Hoodie
Believe Dog Hoodie Price: $21.99
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My dog won't wear the hood, what should I do?

Most dogs will not be used to a hood the first time you put it on and will fight to take it off. It is foreign to them to have something on their head. Start slowly, but only have it on and giving them a lot of treats and praise. Gradually increase the time your dog is wearing the hood and eventually, they will love wearing the hoodie and the warm and protection it provides.

There are two reasons that people generally purchase clothes and fashion for their dogs. The first reason is functionality – in the winter, dogs get cold just like we do. Hence, dog owners often turn to dog clothing like trousers and hoodies to keep their dogs warm as they’re out in the cold. The other reason that people turn to dog fashion is of course, fashion! Fashion designers of the highest ranking and from all over the world are now getting involved with dog fashion, creating products that reflect modern human fashions. Some people refer these as sweatshirts for dog with hoods. The doggie sweatshirt will become a winter time favorite for your puppy.

One of the latest products in dog fashion, which we can offer you in abundance, is dog hoodies. Popular hooded sweaters that are worn by young and old alike are now being created specifically for dogs. A hoodie for dogs is a fantastic solution for the winter, if not, the very best solution. Hoodies for dogs keep your dog’s body warm, and also allows you to keep their head dry if it begins to rain. The hood provides insulation and protection against the elements, for small dogs and large dogs alike.

What’s more, we even offer puppy hoodies.  A small hoodie is perhaps more useful than for older dogs. This is because your puppy will be affected more by the elements, and is more susceptible to the cold. Your puppy will be kept warm and cozy as it’s out learning about the world and learning to walk on a lead. Not only that, but your puppy will be out and about wearing the latest fashion from across the globe.

We offer a wide range of different hoodies for your dogs. We believe that just because hoodies for puppies and dogs are functional, doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. Our hoodies are fashioned according to latest trends and fashion concepts, and are inspired by top designers from all over the world.

Hoodies also come with a wide range of graphics and messages on them, in an equally wide range of colors that can reflect and compliment your dog’s coloring. You can also choose between bright pink for a bitch and blue for a dog! It’s a real cute way of adding personality to your growing puppies and making them even more adorable. Your friends and neighbors will smile when they see your puppies playing in their puppy hoodies. They’re the perfect addition to your dog’s wardrobe, and could even match your own style! So if you’re a fashion person and you’re looking for warm and comfortable clothes for your dogs, look no further. We have everything you need right under one virtual roof. Just take a look round and you’ll be sure to find something that fits your requirements.




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