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Dog Car Seat Covers

There is nothing worse than after a fun day playing is having your dog get in your car and them getting everything dirty! Stop this with some high quality car seat covers.

Keep your car looking new with a car seat cover!

Us Americans tend to spend a lot of time and money on our cars, which is probably why you want to purchase a dog car seat and cover to protect your fabric or leather. It makes sense, really. When you travel with your dog, you are risking scratching leather and cutting fabric, because of the dog’s claws. Furthermore, it can be difficult to get rid of copious amounts of fur in fabric seats.

We offer a huge range of seat protectors for cars from dog hair and dirt. We have such a huge range that pretty much every kind if car, minivan or truck can be catered for. Our pet seat protectors allow you to keep your fabric and leather pristine and scratch-free, no matter how often you travel with a dog in your car.

You’ve probably seen regular seat protectors in the stores, but you need to remember, these aren’t made for dogs. These seat protectors are designed for protecting fabric from general wear and tear. You need to get specific car seats and car seat covers for dogs. By buying one of our many seat covers you will be significantly reducing the chance of damaging your seats due to the extra protection that they offer. The materials the covers are made of are generally much tougher than the materials used for regular covers. They will also be designed for the easy handling of pet hair, and some of our covers are even able to absorb and control odors. So no, if you’re thinking of buying a regular car seat cover, it’s not a good idea!

Buying online with us is really easy. Simply browsing the store you will come across a range of dog products that are popular amongst dog showers and dog owners alike. Our pet seat covers are just one example of our many products.

We are also able to offer you a wide range of dog essentials, including travel essentials. If you’re looking for more travel accessories, then just take a look around. You’ll find a huge range of dog crates and car seats that will keep your dog comfortable and safe in the car, no matter how big or small.

We know how difficult it can be getting everything you need in one store, which is why our online boutique offers so much choice. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of quality products, and benefit from our low and competitive prices. How great is that?

Furthermore, you’ll have a friendly member of staff waiting to answer any questions that you have about your purchase or any of our products. We’re a helpful and convenient online service, and we can help you with most things dog-related!

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