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Dog Water & Lake Accessories

Many summer days are spent at the lake, make sure you have all of the required lake accessories. This includes water safe toys, life jackets, and boat ladders.

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Many dogs love water, we now have dog water and lake accessories to make their time for enjoyable.

A lot of dogs love to swim, but depending where they are swimming, they are going to need some swimming accessories.

Let’s start with aqua therapy. This is an increasingly popular form of exercise for dogs. They will exercise in a tank of water, swimming around and exercising. It is considered a fantastic form of exercise for dogs, as it allows them to work more muscles than they would by simply walking. It’s also fantastic for dogs who have problems with their joints and muscles. If they cannot put very much weight on one of their legs, then swimming isn’t an issue due to the near-weightlessness achieved in water.

If a dog is going to be involved with aqua therapy, then a swimming costume can come in useful. It sounds silly, but if you have a puppy, a swimming costume can be really beneficial. The swimming costume can keep the puppy’s body temperature constant and reduce the shock of the temperature of the water when your puppy is swimming. It also stops their fur from getting quite as wet whilst swimming.

One other popular swimming accessory that we sell, however, is the dog life jacket. Obviously a life jacket is not necessary for a dog in aqua therapy, as the pools are shallow and it’s easy to grab and save a dog from drowning, in extreme circumstances. If you are a keen traveler, however, and your dog enjoys swimming in natural lakes and ponds then a life jacket is really important.

These life jackets fit around your dog’s head and remain there whilst they are swimming. They will obviously be able to swim much easier thanks to the buoyancy, but they will also be saved from drowning in the instance that they get trapped, or are unable to swim for some reason.

It’s really important that you make use of these life jackets. Many dogs find themselves in bad situations when swimming, especially when it’s cold and lakes are freezing up. You need to ensure that your dog remains safe, and by giving your dog a life jacket, you will be reducing the chances of you having to dive into a natural source of water to save your petrified pet.

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