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Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is simple - We absolutely Promise and Guarantee that we NEVER share, sell or give our customer information to ANYONE. Your information stays ONLY with us. Even within our own company, nobody has access to any customer's financial data. It is not possible for us to see it. General customer information is accessed only by our most top level, most trusted customer service specialists and ONLY when absolutely necessary, such as contacting a customer about their order.

On occasion, we do our own e-mailings to our customer base to inform them of new and exciting offerings at But, we don't do that very often. And whenever you want to opt out of those email offerings, you can do so, and we will respect that. It is never our intent to bother our customers with excess emails, and we certainly do NOT engage in any SPAM activities. When you shop at or sign up for any of our contests or promotions, you can be sure that your personal information is EXTREMELY SAFE with us. You have our word on that.

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