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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Buddy Belt
Courtesy of: Buddy Belts

Photographer: Brianna Fortin
Harper’s Photographers say "Harper is a black Pug, and she is such a lover. She snorts, grunts, and snores. I can\'t tell which one is cuter. She\'ll be 3 years old in December."


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Dog Casino
Courtesy of: For My Best Pal

Photographer: Tiffany Nash
Doakes’s Photographers say "Everyone needs a best friend, and this little girl is mine! She loves getting into water she shouldn\'t be getting into, chasing squirrels and frogs, her pink tennis ball, and all people."


3rd Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: A Pet\'s World

Photographer: Kevin Goncalo
Frasier’s Photographers say "Adopted when only 1.5 years old Frasier was given up because of a heart murmur - we gladly took him - provided him with an angioplasty for his heart and he has been thriving ever since - the most sweetest friend man could ever have!"


4th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Small Dog Mall

Photographer: Justyna Marr
Misia’s Photographers say "Misia is a very smart girl. She can sing, say \"mama\", and follows many commands. She is a natural model and has been photographed since she was a puppy. After receiving my new studio set, I thought that she would be the perfect model! (with the "


5th Place Winner
Prize:Barnyard Bull Toy
Courtesy of: Poochieheaven

Rylee and gracie
Photographer: Sue Murray
Rylee and gracie’s Photographers say "Rylee(lighter coat) and gracie are our puppies. they are attatched at the hip, and cant do anything without the other"


6th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: The Sharper Dog

Photographer: Julie Furtado
Quincy’s Photographers say "Quincy just celebrated his 9th birthday in style! His favorite thing to do is follow his mom around and wear all of the fancy clothes she makes for him."


7th Place Winner
Prize:Collar & Lead
Courtesy of: Mimi Green

Photographer: Lauren Lehmuth
Porsche’s Photographers say "Porsche is a 4 month old english bulldog. She is so loveable. She loves playing with her toys, chasing bugs in the yard, and going for car rides with her head sticking out the window so her ears can flap in the breeze. Everyone who walks by her in the sto"


8th Place Winner
Prize:FouFou Travel Set
Courtesy of: Fou Fou Dog

Photographer: Danny Gassaway
Jack’s Photographers say "Jack has quite possibly the best personality I have ever seen. He is a major cuddler who is extremely stubborn, impatient, fast, and simple minded. However hes a great dog overall. He thinks he is a big dog when hes in the car barking until he sees an ani"


9th Place Winner
Courtesy of: Hip Doggie

Photographer: Cindy Brown
Eric’s Photographers say "Eric loves the beach and the ocean! Here is a photo of him watching out at the water from a near-by rock."


10th Place Winner
Prize:ID Bar Pet Tag
Courtesy of: Calling All Dogs

Photographer: Jones Todd
Kola’s Photographers say "Kola is 7 years old. This is a picture of her at the pool, when we were vacationing in North Carolina. She LOVES to swim!!"


11th Place Winner
Prize:Bessie & Barnie Dog Bed
Courtesy of: Pampered Puppy

Photographer: Alexa Lachuta
Chloe’s Photographers say "Chloe is a very energetic and playful little Pom! She enjoys going for long walks (although she does enjoy sleeping just as much), eating (anything and everything!.. except chocolate, of course), and swimming. :)"


12th Place Winner
Prize:Bully Sticks
Courtesy of: Pampered Puppy

Photographer: Amanda
Chewie’s Photographers say "Chewie is a VERY loving dog who enjoys his time with his family greatly. He\'s the best lookout dog around and enjoys his nap time as well!"


13th Place Winner
Prize:HyperDog Ball Launcher & Extra Balls
Courtesy of: Pampered Puppy

Photographer: Chris Schaefer
Rusty’s Photographers say "Rusty is a great Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. He is a best friend. He is also a clown and does some silly things. To stay cool in the summer heat, he curled up in this container full of water....all 70 lbs of him!"


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