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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:$150 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Buddy Belts

Photographer: Walter
Xena’s Photographers say "Xena's Dad says: “Xena is a 1 year old Havanese. She is super smart and always gets into mischief.”"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Bling Personalized Dog Collar
Courtesy of: Two Poodles and Me

Photographer: Donna
Maulee’s Photographers say "Maulee's Mom says: “Maulee is six months old and has boundless energy. If only she could share some with us! We call this photo: Happiness Is... Learning to Play Fetch! Once she figured out this game, it quickly became her favorite.”"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:FouFou Travel Set
Courtesy of: FouFou Dog

Photographer: Courtnie
Keiko’s Photographers say "Keiko's Mom says: “Keiko is a 4 year old Boston Terrier and a real joy to be around. She loves to run, play, cuddle and is an all around love bug.”"


4th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: A Pet's World

Photographer: Trish
Chloe’s Photographers say "Chloe's Mom says: “ This is our new puppy, Chloe. We rescued her from a high-kill shelter in a small, rural town in Missouri. She's an energetic little gal who loves everyone and is especially fond of our three young boys. Chloe is most certainly the prin"


5th Place Winner
Prize:Furfection Naturals Spa Kit
Courtesy of: Furfection Naturals

Photographer: Julie
Binnie’s Photographers say "Binnie's Mom says: “Binnie is a 1 year old Australian Cattle dog who lives up to her name. This picture was taken just moments before she made her way under the fence to mingle with the horses. Not a good idea - even if you are bred to herd!”"


6th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Pawhaus Pet Boutique

Photographer: Bryan
Roxie’s Photographers say "Roxie's Uncle says: “Here's my new niece Roxie. She's a Boston Terrier. :)”"


7th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Small Dog Mall

Photographer: Sonia
Bruno’s Photographers say "Bruno's Mom says: “Bruno is a Shiba Inu, he is 2 years old. Has a tail that is always curled like a onion ring and doesn't like anyone touching it. He has the cutest erect ears and his fox like looks, and what not. He has an independent personality which "


8th Place Winner
Prize:Dog Collar and Leash Set
Courtesy of: Swanky Pet

Photographer: Sarah
Diesel’s Photographers say "Diesel's Mom says: “Here are some pictures of Diesel, the Olde English Bulldogge. He's our 85Lbs lap-dog!�Diesel loves squeeky toys! Any toy he finds he tests to see if it squeaks by shoving his nose into it. If it doesn't squeak, he doesn't want to play "


9th Place Winner
Prize:Large Dog Blanket
Courtesy of: Madison Avenue Mutts

Ha Choo
Photographer: Zareh
Ha Choo’s Photographers say "Ha Choo's Mom says: “We just completed a personal calendar of our dog - here's one of the photos!”"


10th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Funny Fur

Photographer: Sarah
Oliver’s Photographers say "Oliver's Mom says: “Oliver was adopted from California. He likes to herd the children that play in the backyard.”"


11th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Poochie Heaven

Photographer: Abigail
Pippi’s Photographers say "Pippi's Mom says: “This is Pippi the Scottie, our three year old fur baby. We travel for a living and Pippi goes with us on the road, she has seen this country coast to coast. One of her favorite places is Washington DC, a day care there called Wag Time i"


12th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: The Sharper Dog

Photographer: Spencer
Bonnie’s Photographers say "Bonnie's Photographer says: “Bonnie is a 4 year old Ori-Pei (shar-pei x pug). She loves lounging around the house and sleeps a majority of the day. She also has the reputation of being a big snuggler. Her favorite treats are chicken strips.”"


13th Place Winner
Prize:Punk Rock Dogg Gift Set
Courtesy of: Punk Rock Dogg

Photographer: Leah
Frankie’s Photographers say "Frankie's Mom says: “Sheer joy! This is Frankie. Frankie loves to go on walks with his owner and has helped her lose over 65 lbs. He loves any toy that is furry and squeaks!”"


14th Place Winner
Prize:ID Bar Pet Tag
Courtesy of: Calling All Dogs

Photographer: Gabry
Sushi’s Photographers say "Sushi's Dad says: “These are my dog photos, of Sushi, wanted to enter the contest, he is an Imperial Chinese Dog.”"


15th Place Winner
Prize:$35 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Big Paw Designs

Photographer: Jessica
Lola’s Photographers say "Lola's Mom says: “Due to the amazing weather here in Miami we like to go outside and tan, just look at her! She has a natural glow to her because of this. She is dressed in her birthday bikini and stylish sunglasses.� Not sure if you guys know but I am ki"


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