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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Gemstone Dog Collar
Courtesy of:

Photographer: Anita
Autumn’s Photographers say "Autumn's Mom says: “Autumn is a 2 year old Boxer who we have owned since she was 7 months.� When we got her she had a bad case of demodectic mange and was missing a good portion of her fur.� Some meds and a diet change later she has a thick and beautiful "


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Bling Personalized Dog Collar
Courtesy of: Two Poodles and Me

Photographer: Lori
Fern’s Photographers say "Fern's Mom says: “This is Fern... she is soo full of spunk, she wears you out just watching her. She is almost 5 months old and is loving her new sisters Ivy and Willow to the max. Even they give her funny looks when she runs like crazy in the house.”"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Breed Dog Pillow
Courtesy of: Cool Cosas

Photographer: Anji
Mukha’s Photographers say "Mukha's Mom says: “This is my best friend, Mukha. We are always together; relaxing, snuggling or playing and acting silly together. She is so hilarious and always makes me laugh. I love her more than the world.”"


4th Place Winner
Prize:FURminator deShedding Tool & Waterless Shampoo
Courtesy of: FURminator

Photographer: Pamela
Waiki’s Photographers say "Waiki's Mom says: “Waiki loves having his photograph taken. He is the best dog and poses for me in front of my 4x5 camera. He enjoys getting treats after a photoshoot and is always willing to model for me. Waiki is part of the family.”"


5th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: A Pet's World

Photographer: Amanda
Maverick’s Photographers say "Maverick's Mom says: “Maverick has more personality than some humans I know. He is 4 years old (St. Valentine's Day birthday, which may be why he has so much love) and is ever more intelligent and funny as every day passes. When my husband (at the time we"


6th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Posh Puppy Boutique

Photographer: Jose
Bubba’s Photographers say "Bubba's Photographer says: “Bubba was rescued by his owner Joey. Bubba loves to beg for food and attention.”"


7th Place Winner
Prize:Dog Toys - set of 3
Courtesy of: Room Candy

Mocha Chino Gurley
Photographer: Derek
Mocha Chino Gurley’s Photographers say "Mocha's Photographer says: “Mocha is a rescue puppy from AARF. Her birthday is this week and she will be 1 year old. We were told that she was a Beagle/Sharpie mix. However, she favors a few other breeds more so than the ones we were told. Mocha is an ext"


8th Place Winner
Prize:Personalized Doggie PhotoTreats AND Doggie NameTreats
Courtesy of: My Dog's Bakery

Photographer: Emily
Darla’s Photographers say "Darla's Mom says: “Ten years ago Darla was the last of her litter, but today this German Wirehaired Pointer rules the household. She spends her days sleeping on her back, shredding stuffed animals, and hunting small wildlife in her two-acre backyard.”"


9th Place Winner
Prize:Custom Dog Collar
Courtesy of: Mimi Green

Photographer: Keely
Willis’s Photographers say "Willis's says: “This is Willis he is very much a City Dog. Here he is captured enjoying the country air on summer day!”"


10th Place Winner
Prize:Interactive Dog Pyramid Toy
Courtesy of: The Haute Hound

Photographer: Jossie
Breeze’s Photographers say ""


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