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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Dottie Blanket
Courtesy of: DogChewz NYC

Photographer: Ragnheidur
Panda’s Photographers say "Panda's Mom says: “Panda came to live with us in the middle of January. She's an 11 week old puppy and she is very playful. Her favorite toy is her rubber hot dog but she also loves mommy's and daddy's slippers. She loves cuddling and her favorite place t"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Fur Booties
Courtesy of: FouFou Dog

Photographer: Rebecca
Stewie’s Photographers say "Stewie's Mom says: “Stewie is a 13 week old Japanese Chin. He's Chin perfection and loves everyone, especially his big canine sister, Martha.”"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:Rhinestone Collar & Lead
Courtesy of: Rouge New York

Photographer: Monique
Mea’s Photographers say "Mea's Mom says: “This is our little Mea, who is the sweetest puppy in the world, she goes up to anyone and everyone and says hi. She loves to lie in warm sun spots. Her favorite toy of the moment is a little pink octopus.”"


4th Place Winner
Prize:Personalized Fleece Coat
Courtesy of: A Pet's World

Photographer: Connie
Angel’s Photographers say "Angel's Mom says: “Angel is a fluffy white bichon frise. She loves to play with stuffed animals and she looks cute in anything pink. Her favorite food is meat and baked sweet potato.”"


5th Place Winner
Prize:Harry Barker Gift Bucket in Blue or Pink
Courtesy of: Lola & T.Rex

Photographer: Cindy
Rusty’s Photographers say "Rusty's Mom says: “He is 12 weeks old. He loves to play with his new brothers, and REALLY likes to eat! His favorite toys are his little tennis ball and a squeaky stuffed animal. We got Rusty just two weeks ago. He came to us to help fill up the lonelines"


6th Place Winner
Prize:Urban Sweater
Courtesy of: Urban Hund

Photographer: Lisa
Barrett’s Photographers say "Barrett's Aunt says: “This is Barrett, my nephew's dog. He is a Bichon Poodle mix and he has the sweetest personality! He can't get close enough to you. He is so funny and he entertains us all!”"


7th Place Winner
Prize:Custom Pet Portrait
Courtesy of: Metropaws

Photographer: Kim
Seppala’s Photographers say "Seopala's Mom says: “Seppala is a smart and sassy 4 month old pup. He doesn't seem to be particular to any toys or treats right now. He'll pretty much play or eat whatever you give him. Although he is quite infatuated with cardboard. I think it is more sp"


8th Place Winner
Prize:Personalized Enamel Pet ID Tag
Courtesy of: Calling All Dogs

Photographer: Serina
Blaze’s Photographers say "Blaze's Mom says: “This is my 5 month old pit bull, Blaze. We rescued Blaze from a local animal shelter. He had been abused and neglected very badly. Now he is living like a king with me and my three doxies! He is such a sweetheart! ”"


9th Place Winner
Prize:Personalized Custom Name Tee
Courtesy of: Pawsitively Stylin'

Photographer: Chris
Jordan’s Photographers say "Jordan's Mom says: “Jordan relishes his time spent outdoors. Here he's experiencing the first deep snow we've had. The scents are crispy, the trails are clean, the scratching of birds and squirrels seems to be for his ears only. It's hard to get his atten"


10th Place Winner
Prize:Two Collar Charms
Courtesy of: Luxepets

Photographer: Beatriz
Choodles’s Photographers say "Choodles's Mom says: “Choodles was born from Princess (chihuahua) and Snoopy(poodle), my parents' dogs. I saw him on a visit home, named him immediately and told my father and husband I wanted him. I kidnapped, with my dad's permission of course, Choodles"


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