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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:$125 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Le Prissy Pets Jewelry

Photographer: Beth
Millie’s Photographers say "Millie's Mom says: “Millie is our 4 year old Rat Terrier. As you can see, she can be a total goof when I get the camera out. She likes to be silly, for sure. At the age of four, she still acts like a puppy.”"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Dottie Blanket
Courtesy of: DogChewz NYC

Photographer: Megan
Tucker’s Photographers say "Tucker's Mom says: “My best friend/pet Tucker. He is an 11 month old Boston Terrier and loves everything about life. We live in Manhattan, and moved here from Washington, DC. Tucker has become a true New Yorker!”"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Paw Prints Shop

Baxter Bojangles
Photographer: Kelly
Baxter Bojangles’s Photographers say "Baxter Bojangles' Mom says: “This is Baxter Bojangles, our six-month-old Westie with lots of spunk! His favorite things include pouncing on crickets, doing tricks, and sleeping.”"


4th Place Winner
Prize:Spring Flowers Collar & Leash
Courtesy of: The Precious Pup

Photographer: L
Pogo’s Photographers say "Pogo's Mom says: “We got Pogo from a local pet shop. Some of the family members were a bit iffy about getting her because they heard so many bad rumors about Jack Russell Terriers. However, Pogo has proved that she isn't a terrible dog that wants to chew "


5th Place Winner
Prize:Leather Collar & Lead
Courtesy of: ROUGE NEW YORK

Photographer: Angela
Will’s Photographers say "Will's Mom says: “I aquired Will at 2 weeks old. His mom had died after a c-section and he was dying of aspiration pneumonia. The vets had given up on him and the owners didn't know what to do. Needless to say, I tried my best to save him and here he is n"


6th Place Winner
Prize:Bone & Paw Travel Bowl Suitcase
Courtesy of: The Haute Hound

Photographer: Stephanie
Chloe’s Photographers say "Chloe's Mom says: “Chloe is 3 years old, however my husband and I have only had her for the past 4 months. Although she is the sweetest and most loveable dog ever, her previous owners didn�t treat her as well as they should have. Luckily they realized tha"


7th Place Winner
Prize:FINE ARF Silver Dog Tag Pendant
Courtesy of: Plastic Puppy

Photographer: Christine
Herman’s Photographers say "Herman's Mom says: “Herman the German (Shorthaired Pointer) is six months old today! He is a fierce swimmer - loves the lake and the beach. His favorite indoor toy is a beat-up IKEA dragon stuffy - missing all the teeth and horns, currently working on the"


8th Place Winner
Prize:Personalized Enamel Pet ID Tag
Courtesy of: Calling All Dogs

Photographer: Haydee
Zissou’s Photographers say "Zissou's Mom says: “You can see by the photos that she likes to take long naps right after her morning walk but when she is awake she likes to play with Nico (Chihuahua) and watch TV shows like Seinfeld and The Dog Whisperer. We live in sunny San Diego so"


9th Place Winner
Prize:Classic Pink Pet Tutu
Courtesy of: Metro Paws

Ms. Scarlet O'Hara
Photographer: Gail
Ms. Scarlet O'Hara’s Photographers say "Ms. Scarlet O'Hara's Mom says: “Scarlet is two years old, a pure bred Shih Tzu and the love of our household. Scarlet has an amazing personality, she is very mild mannered, very quiet but a clown at the same time, loves babies who come to visit, has two f"


10th Place Winner
Prize:Two Collar Charms
Courtesy of: Luxepets

Photographer: Tracy
Rosie’s Photographers say "Rosie's Mom says: “This is Rosie, better known as "Boo"! She's a toy American Eskimo... "Eskie"... and loves chewies and toys! She lives with her Mom, and three Eskie sisters.” "


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