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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Canini Petals Dog Collar & Lead
Courtesy of: Got Pawz

Photographer: Megan
Fred’s Photographers say "Fred's Mom says: “He is a Boston Terrier x Polish Lowland Sheepdog (a very interesting cross, indeed! But, he turned out to be VERY handsome). Currently, his favorite activities include chewing (anything that we give him) and playing with his dog-pal, Por"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:$100 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Accents Treasures and Gifts

Photographer: Carol
Archie’s Photographers say "Archie's Mom says: “This Archie, he is our Red Goldendoodle. This picture was taken on Archie's first birthday. Archie loves playing with his brother Bruno (below) also a Goldendoodle. We decided to get a Goldendoodle (1/2 golden retriever & 1/2 standard "


3rd Place Winner
Prize:Rosso Metallic Leather Small Dog Collar
Courtesy of: Caserta Italia

Photographer: Mary
Lola’s Photographers say "Lola's mom says: “These are photos of my dog Lola. I am a dog groomer by trade. My doggie is a long-haired chihuahua who is the Queen of the household. She ALWAYS gets what she wants! She likes raw hide treats the best and is shown eating one in a photo. "


4th Place Winner
Prize:Daisy Diva Dog Collar and Lead Set
Courtesy of: The Haute Hound

Photographer: Kevin
Roscoe’s Photographers say "Roscoe's Dad says: “Roscoe is my second bulldog and I purchased him in November, 2005. So far he seems to be the perfect puppy. He doesn't let me out of his sight and always wants love from any human or animal that he sees. His favorite game is soccer and"


5th Place Winner
Prize:Little Lady Coat
Courtesy of: Muttropolis

Photographer: Phyllis
Mango’s Photographers say "Mango's Mom says: “This lil' cutie's name is Mango. She is a spoiled 3-year-old chihuahua who loves spending the day sun baking beside the pool with her other tiny companions. Lately, it seems like she's taken up a new hobby: modeling for photos!”"


6th Place Winner
Prize:Cut Crystal Dog Dish
Courtesy of: Small Dog Mall

Photographer: Alanna
Frida’s Photographers say "Frida's Mom says: “This is little Frida. Frida is a little urban dog and lives in a warehouse in busy downtown! She loves to visit the farmer's market and visit the neighborhood dogs. Above all though Frida's favorite thing to do is to sleep in her mummie"


7th Place Winner
Prize:Sterling Silver Dog Bowl & Bone Charm
Courtesy of: Luxe Pets

Photographer: Beth
Millie’s Photographers say "Millie's Mom says: “Millie, who is a rat terrier, will be 4 years old next month. I sometimescall her a Brat terrier when she shreds up paper, or steals the tv remote.She loves to play with her tennis balls, and a few squeaky toys (those toys which have s"


8th Place Winner
Prize:Puppy Love Gift Tote Bag
Courtesy of: Personalized Pup

Photographer: Stella
Yuki’s Photographers say "Yuki's Mom says: “Yuki is a ten year old jack russell terrier residing in Ottawa, Canada!”"


9th Place Winner
Prize:2-Year Magazine Subscription
Courtesy of: Urban Dog Magazine

Photographer: Kay
Nala’s Photographers say "Nala's Mom says: “Nala is a 2 year old gentle giant. Her breed is your guess, mine is Labrador/Great Dane or Greyhound. We adopted Nala at 8 weeks from the pound so we aren't for sure of her background. Nala is quite the poser when it comes to pictures an"


10th Place Winner
Prize:$25 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Bow Wow Couture

Lulu Mae
Photographer: Emily
Lulu Mae’s Photographers say "Lulu Mae's Mom says: “Lulu Mae is our rambunctious little "reagle beagle". She is very curious about everything that we do. She is always full of energy and runs until she just collapses, where ever that may be.” "


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