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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Leather Collar & Leash Set
Courtesy of: Urban Hund

Photographer: Cathie
Harley’s Photographers say "Harley's Mom says: “Harley is portrayed as the Blair Witch, and both Harley and his best friend Chopper get into the Halloween spirit, indulge me with photo opportunities and bring joy to those who know them.”"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Custom pet portrait
Courtesy of: for the love of pete!

Photographer: Crissy
Ice’s Photographers say "Ice's Mom says: “Ice is an 8 month old Great Dane. He enjoys going for long walks. When he isn't going for walks he wants to go for a ride. When on his journeys, Ice meets so many new friends, human and canine. I believe that is why he enjoys them so much"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:Safari Sofa Bed
Courtesy of: Finicky Felines

Photographer: Patty
Charlie’s Photographers say "Charlie's mom says: “This is Charlie.He is one spunky little westie. His life revolves around lounging, squirrels and morning cuddles with his family.”"


4th Place Winner
Prize:Pyramid Wrought Iron Raised Dog Diner
Courtesy of: Calling All Dogs

Photographer: Lisa
Winston’s Photographers say ""


5th Place Winner
Prize:Hand knitted teacup sweater dress
Courtesy of: Happy Tails Pet Boutique

Photographer: Linda
Missy’s Photographers say "Missy's Mom says: “Missy is a very shy little girl; hates the camera.”"


6th Place Winner
Prize:Slide Letter Collar & Lead Set
Courtesy of: Paw Printz Pet Boutique

Photographer: Jennifer
Daisy’s Photographers say "Daisy's Mom says: “This is Daisy the Boston terrier. She is 6 months old in this picture. Daisy is a sweet little girl who loves to snuggle and play fetch. She is a great dog. We adopted daisy into our family when she was 8 weeks old. She is the queen of "


7th Place Winner
Prize:Mat Bed
Courtesy of: DogChewz NYC

Photographer: Nancy
Laika’s Photographers say "Laika's Mom says: “ntest, please. This is a photo that I took of my whippet, Laika. She's a year and a half old, and in her short life, she's already driven across the country six times, survived three hurricanes, and wrapped her "big brother" (our JRT/No"


8th Place Winner
Prize:Pawberry Blanket Set
Courtesy of: Bow Wow Couture

Photographer: Carene
Mollie’s Photographers say "Mollie's Mom says: “Mollie is a 3/4 Chihuahua 1/4 Papillon female. She's a New Years baby born on January 1st, 2005. Mollie loves to run around in open fields, tromp through/lay in puddles, and visit her cousin Zoey. She loves to go camping and we just ta"


9th Place Winner
Prize:Monogrammed Pet Blanket
Courtesy of: Precious Pup

Photographer: Karrie
Harry’s Photographers say "Harry's Aunt says: “This is Harry-my "nephew". He loves to run in the yard with his ball and play at the lake.”"


10th Place Winner
Prize:Designer Sleep-ezz: Reversible Pet Bed
Courtesy of: Pet Dreams

Photographer: Winnie
Shelby’s Photographers say "Shelby's Mom says: “Little Shelby pug joined our family about 2 years ago. She has no manners to speak of. However, she is extremely good humored about the stuff we make her do, like put on this Yoda outfit. She has also shown no marketable talent for us "


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