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At Pampered Puppy we have amassed a large selection of informative dog articles. We have dozens of articles on designs, fashion, dog books, and much more.

Letter to Santa 2007

Merry's dog products wish list by Merry McKaig

[Editor's Note: The world's most diva of pugs is known, from time to time, to be a greedy little girl. Normally, we limit the princess to a mere 50 items on her list of "Absolutely Gotta Haves" for Santa. However, this year - after suffering from cataracts, going through eye surgery, moving to a new home and getting a new daddy-to-be, we just didn't have the heart to restrict the princess to that degree. So, she's put together a list of a mere 75(!) items she's dying for from Santa this year. We figured that was a fair compromise.]

Santa darling,

I cannot believe it's the end of another year - I may still look like a svelte and happy twenty year old but I'm beginning to feel my years (7 next year... shh! Don't tell!) and this year has gone so quickly it's incredible! I've barely had time to keep up with my modelling appointments, grooming sessions, meets and greets with my adoring fans and my requisite twelve hours a day of lounging about; and you know how I get when I miss out on beauty sleep. It's just not pretty.

However, don't worry - I'd never miss out on an opportunity to ask for dog gifts, so I made sure to give this letter high priority in the schedule!

Well, let's get started. As you and those precious little elves I'd love to chase around know, a girl's gotta have a signature color if she's going to make an impact. Mine's been pink for just the longest of ages, and once you pick a theme, you stick with it. Still, I'd like to mix it up a bit this year - maybe add some black into the mix. Black is such a slimming color, and it's gone fabulously with pink for so very many years. It's why I'm just mad about the new Pinka Snow Dog Coat; can't you just see it on me? Simply fabulous. The coat would go perfectly with this Bling Bones collar with pink stones, don't you think? Maybe with a kicky Bite Me (such attitude! oh, I love it) sweater underneath during really cold winter days? For that matter, I shouldn't really be putting tiny adorable paws to pavement in the coldest of weather anyway - it's terribly bad for the nails, darling - but riding in style in a pink and black stroller would be perfectly fine.

Pink is all well and good, Santa dear, but let's not forget I'm an urban girl who lives in a big city and loves every moment of this yoga-practicing, latte-sipping, highrise-stepping lifestyle. You can't be a good urban girl without a solid black component to your wardrobe! So as usual I've compiled a wee list of items I really must have to live up to my urban girl roots: a gorgeous Gemstone Floral sweater, which would be so perfect for parties (or hot dates - if mommy dearest would ever let me go on one, that is), a really gorgeous silver and black raincoat, a basic pair of black boots which is just simply a requirement for any good urban girl in the winter, a fabulously elegant black extendable leash, a new sexy dog bed in a to-die-for black print and maybe a new patent leather dog bowl in black while we're at it? Come on, Santa, I know you want to. :)

(Oh, fine, while we're at it, do be sure to include a matching poop bag carrier for Mommy. She's totally forcing me to include that in my list.)

Urban girls aren't just about the black, though! I cannot believe I don't have my very own FouBerry or iBone - how am I supposed to keep in touch with my fans? Agents? Darling, it's all about staying in the know!

You know, I held off on "the goth thing" for just as long as I could. Couldn't I be so above all that? I did try... then Mommy found me clicking away on the web site, looking at the latest goth stuff, and I knew the jig was up. I'm hooked! I'm totally in love with the look, from the red plaid dress to the goth Hello Kitty collar charm. And skulls! Oh Dasher, I'm so there. I totally want a skull walking harness and a skull frisbee and a skull dress and even a skull collar charm . It's terrible, the addiction. :)

I know I have sweaters, Santa, and coats too, but these things need refreshing every year, you understand don't you? I simply cannot live this entire season without some new items to touch up the wardrobe, like the Juicy Couture sweater gift set (love the matching leg warmers) and this adorable pink striped sweater and scarf set. How me is that, I ask you? I'm also dying for some new hoodies (they look so smashing on me), and you can't deny that I would be the world's most adorable pug in this brown Pinkaholic hoodie or chocolatey Monkey Daze jogging suit. (Do I need to mention - you know my tastes so well, it seems almost silly - that both hoodies would go spectacularly well with the new special Edition Buddy Belts, which come in chocolate and have a bit of requisite bling? I'm all about the coordinated outfits, Santa darling.)

And winter coats! Have I forgotten them? Take a look at this pink puffy parka and tell me it wasn't made for me. But then, you know I'd also look out-of-this-world in this red tweed and fur harness coat. I'm even drooling over this deliciously chocolatey padded winter vest. The life of a fashion maven. It's exhausting, I tell you, loving this many products at once!

Now, Santa, we discussed my need, my absolute requirement for as many hours of beauty sleep as I can pack into my busybusy day. But beauty rest starts with the bed, and there are several you should be picking up for me to ensure I stay my youthful and lovely self: a few nest beds, for example, like a minky soft garnet-colored one (SO fabulous) or a chocolatey brown one with tiny soft curls or even a nest bed that combines both colors together - like carob and strawberries, my favorite afternoon treat. But I'll be honest, Santa sweetheart - a fabulous girl like me deserves a truly fabulous bed. Why can't I have a couch of my own to curl up in? I do so hope you'll consider it.

A young(ish) pug named Merry is, undoubtedly, all about Christmas - which means I need some new holiday items to get me through the season! For parties, I'd really love a fabulous Swarovski crystal collar - maybe one in red and one in gold, to give me wardrobe options. A fabulous red dress or two is an absolute must, as you know - I'd like the Hot Tomato dress for my smaller, more intimate parties and the Swarovski dress for my big budget, A-list parties. With maybe a matching necklace - something that glitters.I can't imagine a Christmas without play, so a Holiday Toy Set and maybe a chewable Gift Box (to keep me from digging under the tree) seems an absolute must. I'm also totally loving the Cranberry Mint holiday shampoo and matching cologne; a girl's gotta smell her best, just in case she gets caught under the mistletoe!

Don't tell her I told you this, but I love my Mommy to bits. And not even just because she feeds me, though I let her think that sometimes. So, Santa, please don't forget to bring a shiny new bracelet for Mommy. She'd prefer the Diamond Bone Bracelet, but would also happily accept the Bone Charm Link bracelet. Frankly, I think you should get her a pug pendant with my name on it, so she can never forget me. But then how could she? Aren't I the most unforgettable pug you've ever loved? Aren't I?

Santa sweetheart, I've (as usual!) run out of space, but you can see the rest of my wish list from this link. Please give Mrs. Claus and the elves a great big puggy lick from me, and tell Rudy and his boys I'll be waiting to bark at them - err, greet them - as usual when you land on the roof this year!

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