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Letter to Santa 2005

Merry's dog products wish list by Merry McKaig

[Editor's Note: As many of you know, Princess Meredith is a diva of the highest order. She can also be a greedy little pug, so we've once again set a limit of 50 products for her wish list for Santa. She typically scrunches up her nose to this news, asking how she can possibly narrow down her fashion and entertainment needs to a paltry 50 items. Luckily, the little bit is easily distracted by a tiny mouthful of peanut butter on her favorite spoon - she soon forgot her frustration.]

Dear Santa,

How are you? I realize it's been simply ages since we last spoke, darling, but you do know what it's like, I imagine -- busy beyond belief what with photo shoots, public appearances, toy testing, treat testing... why, if it wasn't for my strict beauty regimen and dedication to lounging, I'd be one haggard four year old!

At any rate, it's time to submit my final draft to you for my Christmas wish list. It was incredibly tough for me to choose this year, but I'm generally pleased with the items I've decided on.

First, as you know, a girl has got to have a signature color. Is there anyone left in the world who doesn't know that I've chosen pink? Not only because it attracts attention (though I do so love the attention) but because it looks simply smashing with my complexion. Tan and pink and black - oh, it gives me shivers just to think about it.

Please bring a Muffy's Cowl Neck Sweater for Dogs (you know my sizes already, don't you? If not, I'll have my people send another copy along to your elves); I love the little harness loop on the back. If that's not available, you can bring the Be Mine dog sweater by Michael Simon instead - the heart buttons are simply delicious. The Crystal Confetti Cotton Candy Dog Collar would make a lovely pairing. A matching collar is so important, don't you think?

Other pink items I simply must have this year:

  • Crystal Ice Harness - Pink
    (because you can never have too much bling)
  • Grrizon Cell Phone Dog Toy
    (a pink cell phone dog toy! how me is that?)
  • Prima Donna Boxed Dog Tees
    (hell-o? who else is a bigger prima donna than I?)
  • Faux Fur Trundle Bed
    (you of all people know how much I love to snuggle, Santa!)
  • Pink Pleather Lookout Dog Car Seat
    (safety first - but no reason you can't be stylish while doing so.)

Fur is fun, Santa dearest, and you can never have too much faux fur. It's perfect for coats, for beds (lounging on fur is the only way to live, I assure you) and helps promote the whole "diva" thing - as you know, Santa, you're nothing without your fan base. :)

The Boa Luxurious Faux Fur Dog Jacket is simply delicious. I must have it in both black and the red wine. Actually, it might be easier if you just brought all three colors. (Why must a princess pug choose?) You also know I asked you last year for a Cool Mink Vest and you never brought it - not that I'm being critical or anything - but you'd warm this little pug's heart if you brought one along this year - the pink is simply divine.

For faux fur lounging, I simply cannot live another minute without a Chinchilla Dog Sleigh Bed. Honestly, can you think of another bed that suits me better? (The extra bonus is that Mommy would love the fact that it's the same color as my fur!).

But pug cannot live with a single bed alone - oh, no. Why, I'm simply useless without a luxurious lounging surface every four feet or so! As a result, please have the elves include a Beetle Dog Love Seat (I'm so all about retro) in Bright Red, and a Mink Nest Dog bed for those chilly winter nights. The elves don't want me to get cold, do they? Do you, Santa?

Did you know that Juicy Couture makes beds? And toys? You realize of course that as a trendsetter, it's absolutely disgusting that I don't yet have these items. How can I be a trendsetter when other pugs are racing ahead of me? Please send the Juicy Couture Dog Bed in Pink and Chocolate Brown, and a Juicy Couture Royalty Toy in Pink.

I know pink is my signature color, but a girl needs to branch out - I can't have ALL of my closets in a single color, now can I? I've decided my new color for next year will be red. It's such a power color, and people just bend to my will more easily when I'm wearing it. (I'm also preparing for my Oprah appearance, and I definitely have to wear red then!)

To that end, the absolutely delicious Cashmere Heart Dog Hoodie Red and Pink from Louis Dog is tops on my list of gimme-gimme-gimme.... er, Christmas wishes. It combines pink and red so wonderfully (I knew all the magazines were wrong when they tried to tell me pink and red wouldn't go together!). And I've even found a matching collar (we have discussed that matching collars are a hugely important part of your fashion statement, haven't we, Santa?): the Zip a Dee Dog Collar in Red and Pink.

That's a good start of course, but to really flesh out the new red in my wardrobe, I'll also need:

  • Von Dutch - Dog Hoodie - Red and Black
    (it's all about the name brands, Santa.)
  • #5 Ski Jumper in Red
    (sure, I have the other two colors, but it's about a new wardrobe, you understand.)
  • Goldwasser Dog Sweater
    (I used to think checks made me look chunky, but I've dealt with that issue)
  • Initial Rhinestone Collar - Red
    (would go perfectly with the Goldwasser sweater, I think)
  • All Terrain 3 Wheel Stroller
    (because divas have to travel in style!)

It's the holidays, and I'd love nothing better than to have a few new special pieces to wear for my Grandma and Grandpa on Christmas Day. I think I would look absolutely adorable in the Ho! Ho! Ho! Dog Sweater and the Snowflake Dog Shirt (please send one of each). When the house starts to heat up, I could switch to the Merry Christmas Dog Tee (if you're thinking ahead and bring it for me, that is!).

The life of a star-studded princess pug is never a calm one, and as you know, we're about to head into awards season, which means I need some fabulous formal wear to get me through! I've had my eye on the luscious Black Velvet Formal Dress for ages; it would go stunningly with the bling-bling Black Tie Affair collar. I could even throw the Premier Trench Coat for Dogs in Black from designer Puppia over top, to keep me warm until I arrive (though I'll have to leave it in the limo, of course - wouldn't do to step on the red carpet in a coat -- how tacky!).

The reindeer probably remember all too well my playful side - I'm all about the playing, have to keep that girlish figure you know! And this year has just been so exciting in terms of new toy designs that I'm absolutely agog with the options. But let's be honest. I'm an urban diva. I need my dose of metropolitan verve and just can't cut it in the country! So there's probably no better toy set for me than the A New York State Of Mind Dog Toy Set - a taxi toy? An Empire State building toy? Please! That's just so me! The equally adorable iPaw stuffed toy may not play tunes but is music to my ears.

Believe it or not, Santa, there are a few things I haven't mentioned here - typing this is just taking SO long, I really do need to get people who will take dictation for me - does anyone learn shorthand anymore? It's so tough to find someone with good office skills and the ability to translate barks...

Anyway, Santa, I've made a link where you and the elves can find the rest of the items I simply cannot live another minute without. There are new items for my grooming regimen and treats and a whole boatload of things I haven't had time to mention. See the entire wish list.

The one thing you won't find on there is my biggest wish of all: more time with my Mommy. Please send her some help so that she can spend more time grooming me, fussing over me, playing with me, and letting me give her kisses. (Maybe you could sneak an elf or two into your sack Christmas eve?)

Oh. I almost forgot. Please bring my mommy a Solid Gold Channel Set Diamond Bone Bracelet in White Gold and a Bone and Heart Pendant Necklace with my name engraved on it - also in White Gold, because I love her and she deserves it. (Mommy is making me write this part. She also told me what to say. But don't tell her I told you.)

Santa, sweetheart, please give big kisses to Mrs. C. for me and thank the elves in advance for all their hard work in putting together my gift sack this year. Tell Rudolph and the others that I look forward to barking at them --er, welcoming them to our home Christmas Eve, and I'll be waiting to greet you with kisses as always

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