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Pampered Puppy Articles

At Pampered Puppy we have amassed a large selection of informative dog articles. We have dozens of articles on designs, fashion, dog books, and much more.

L.A. Luxury

A mini-interview with Yana Syrkin, owner of Fifi and Romeo boutique in Los Angeles by Angie McKaig

Fifi and Romeo is a very popular name in L.A. for trendy dogs and their high-class companions. The boutique first opened in fall of 2000 to a stellar launch party that included names like Robert Downey Jr., Illeana Douglas (Ghost World) and Portia De Rossi (Ally McBeal).

It's a place of pampering — and you can tell from the moment you step inside. Classic French style, Pucci mannequins, and modernist furniture by Magni Classic combine to evoke the sophistication of a bygone era. Girlie-pink striped walls topped by a grand 1950's stencil complete the fantasy.

Although the boutique carries many items, Fifi & Romeo's main claim to fame is their handmade cashmere and wool sweaters.

We recently spoke to Yana Syrkin, owner of Fifi & Romeo.

pp: What made you decide to start Fifi & Romeo?

ys: My little Chihuahua Yoda got a cold so I decided to make him a sweater to keep him warm... Things just snowballed from there.

pp: Are your products carried only in the US, or they available worldwide?

ys: They're available worldwide.

pp:Do you ever plan to have e-commerce available through your own site?

ys: Yes, very soon.

pp: Do you design all the products yourselves? How do you come up with the designs?

ys: I design everything myself. I am a long time costume designer for the entertainment industry. I designed for Ally Mc Beal for 2 years. So basically, I am a designer by trade and nature.

pp: Everyone knows that Fifi & Romeo sweaters are the clothing item to have for your pampered puppy. What makes Fifi & Romeo such a desirable label?

ys: The quality and integrity of the products.

pp: What products do you carry at the L.A. boutique?

ys: It is a wide range: for dogs, women, home, baby, men and many other unique items.

pp: Your most popular product?

I'd have to say the Fifi & Romeo Dog T-Shirt and the original classic cashmere dog sweater with a hand patched heart or bone.

pp: Why do you think there has been such an increase in demand for luxury dog products over the last ten years?

ys: I am not sure about the past 10 years but I think that Fifi & Romeo helped raise the bar for the dog apparel business from funny dog clothing (costumes) and nonexistent carriers to chic and fashionable clothing that is also functional for man and woman's best friend.

pp: Tell us a little about your dog(s).

ys: Yoda (male) is a 5 lb. Blue Chihuahua with a heart of gold and my other dog, Niket (female) is a pretty cute Dalmatian. They are best friends and he “tells” on her every time she tries to get into the trash.

Fifi & Romeo products are carried worldwide as well as in their L.A. boutique. For more information, visit their web site at

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