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Product Reviews

Dog Collars

  • Dog Harnesses and Dog Collars - From: Hamptons Hound
    The Bliss dog collar represents a Swiss traditional family craft that dates back over 250 years - the Appenzell style, covered with pressed metal cows for the herding dogs of Switzerland.
  • Dog Treats, a Dog Collar and Perfume - From: Lulu Jane Elegant Pet Products
    The collar and leash set were very impressive. The treats are nothing short of decadent, really.The real pi�¨ce de resistance, though, was the delightful perfume.
  • Fabric Dog Collars and Lead - From: Zoe's Collection
    It's a dog-walking-stravaganza here at this month with FOUR dog collars or harnesses.
  • Fabric Dog Collars - From: Owen and Olivia
    The styles are just adorable and very visual.
  • GrandDog Collar & Only Child ID Tag - From: Mollywear
    The collar is absolutely adorable, suitably unisex in a combination of chocolate brown and hot red, with white accents.
  • Grosgrain Ribbon Dog Collars & Leashes - From: Rouge New York
    The collars also come in a huge variety of widths, all with matching leashes - 1", 5/8" and can fit necks as teeny as 10" or so all the way up to 26".
  • Halloween Dog Collar - From: Swanky Pet
    The collar is a simply fabulous 3/4" black cotton print festooned with candy corn in the traditional white, yellow and orange stripes.
  • Handmade Dog Collars - From: Fetching Dog Collars
    The custom collars are fantastic - perfect weight (not too heavy, not too light), flexible, fun designs, and an excellent attention to quality and detail that really makes them stand out.
  • Hot Pink Rivet Leather Dog Collar - From: The Cool Puppy
    The collar features a custom buckle with a brushed-silver finish and a custom Loki Puppy charm.
  • Leather & Fabric Dog Collars - From: Caniswear
    The collar designs start with a full, two-layered, natural black leather collar.
  • Leather Charm Dog Collar - From: Mon "Pet"It Chic
    The collar is leather, tanned to a rich mahogany color. It's backed with suede.
  • Leather Collars & Lead - From: Sit ’N’ Beg
    The workmanship of these collars is really stellar.
  • Leather Dog Collar - From: Canini
    The entire collar is a charming mix of matching pink suede and leather.
  • Leather Dog Collars & Leads - From: The collars are made with custom colored genuine Brazilian leather.
    The collars are made with custom colored genuine Brazilian leather.
  • Leather Dog Collars and Tiki Plush Dog Toys - From: Hip Doggie
    These lush collars are nicely wide (I do so like a wide collar) and ruffled, like waves.
  • Leather Dog Collars - From: Urban Hund
    The findings are all nickel-plated, sturdy, and each collar features a nickel-plated Urban Hund tag that's engravable on the back.
  • Leather Harness and Leash - From: MJ Leatherwork
    The pieces are made from fine bridle leather, and the leather itself is sourced from Sedgewick curriers (producers of top quality leather) in England.
  • Electric Blue Link Dog Collar - From: Hip Doggie
    The entire collar, except for the buckle, is fashioned from silver-colored chain.
  • Lupine Harness and Lead - From: 18 Toes
    Lupine Harness and Lead from 18 Toes
  • Luxury Leather Dog Collars - From: Doggone Elegant
    The collars are custom made by skilled craftsmen in the good old US of A.
  • Metallic Dog Collars and Dessert Dog Toys - From: DogChewz NYC
    The collar is slim (just 1/4" wide), lightweight, and works with their slide-on rhinestone charmss that you can position anywhere you like along the dog collar.
  • Metallic Dog Lead Sets - From: Rouge New York
    The collars are 3/4" wide; matching leashes are available in either 1/2" or 1" widths, depending on your needs.
  • Nautical Ribbon Dog Collars - From: Owen and Olivia
    Both collars have black plastic quick release snaps and chrome findings. Each collar and lead sports the "Owen and Olivia" logo.
  • Patent Leather Dog Collar - From: Hugo Designer Dogwear
    The collars and leads are lovely, and Hugo has several different collections to choose from (and several colors within each collection as well).
  • Peace Izzy Galore Leather Dog Collar - From: Funny Fur
    The Peace collar is 1/2 inch wide and made of real, supple, distressed white leather.
  • Personalized Crystal Dog Collars - From: Two Poodles and Me
    The collar is so much narrower and can only handle 10mm charms.
  • Pink Plaid Dog Collar - From: Quintessential Pet
    The collar incredibly solid, with a luscious print front and leather backing.
  • Playboy Dog Collar and Lead - From: The Ritzy Rover
    The crocodile print is backed by real leather and is solid and sturdy. This is thick, good quality leather.
  • Plush Collar & Charms - From: Luxepets
    The slender, elegant collars are a mere 1/4" wide. They're decorated with a row of Swarovski crystals in a matching shade, interspersed with eyelets.
  • Retractable Dog Leashes - From: Funny Fur
    Both styles feature solid and sturdy "silver" metal buckle clips. The leashes come in two different lengths - 9 feet, for small dogs, and 15 feet, for medium to large pups.
  • Rhinestone Bone Collars & Leads - From: Rouge New York
    Each collar features a single, smaller silver bone charm also covered in rhinestones.
  • Rhinestone Dog Collars and Leads - From: Rouge New York
    The collars are above 11" long feature two rows of rhinestones
  • Ribbon Dog Collar Collection - From: Wonderdog NYC
    The collars are made from the finest French ribbon sewn onto sturdy nylon webbing.
  • Ribbon Dog Collars and Leashes - From: Owen and Olivia
    Both dog collar and leash sets, as with all Owen & Olivia pieces, are made from sturdy nylon, quality ribbon, with black molded adjustment pieces and buckles, and silver-toned d-rings and leash clips.
  • Ribbon Dog Collars - From: Fetching Fashions
    Every collar is backed with durable nylon webbing and solid black plastic adjusters and quick-release buckles with metal d-rings.
  • Ribbon Overlay Dog Collars - From: Hanna Banana
    The workmanship was excellent and the benefit of using plastic fastenings meant that the collars remained nice and light.
  • Tan Plaid Collar and Leash - From: Swanky Pet
    The collar is a simple but classy woven plaid fabric in shades of tan, cream, black and wine.
  • Tattoo Inspired Dog Collar - From: Hip Hound Couture
    Hip Hound Couture
  • Trendy Nylon Dog Collars - From: Tailwaggerz
    All collar and lead sets by Tailwaggerz are handmade.
  • Tweed Dog Coat, Dog Collar, Lead and Mat - From: Lovemydog
    The Thornproof Tweed coat was a lovely fit and style, with traditional Scottish woven tweed (100% wool) on the exterior, a sherpa lining, brown wool piping and smart leather-wrapped buttons on the faux belt.
  • Urban Leather Dog Collar & Lead - From: Urban Hund
    The collar is lined with soft, buffed leather.
  • Alligator Dog Collar and Lead - From: Premier Belts
    The dog collar and lead are both genuine alligator, lined with buttery leather.
  • Beaded Collar and Leash Set - From: Dressed to the Canines
    The Black Gold Silver Sequin Flower set is an over-the-top buffet of sequins and beads, all hand crafted to a nylon collar.
  • Beaded Leather Collar and Harness - From: Dosha Dog and Calling All Dogs
    Each collar features a strip that goes around the front of the neck that's adorned in gemstone embroidery.
  • Bridal & Gingham Floral Dog Collar Sets - From: A Pet's World
    The collar is a profusion of hand sewn white satin petal flowers, rosettes with green satin "leaves", and pearls.
  • Celebrity Dog Collar and Lead Set - From: Celltei
    The Celebrity Collar is made from a deliciously colored leather.
  • Christmas Dog Collar, Dog Toys - From: Haute Dog Boutique
    The Christmas dog collar features a black plastic quick-release buckle and adjustment ring; the d-ring is gold which matches the large lobster-claw style connector on the leash.
  • Classic Canvas Dog Collars - From: Jasper and Lenore
    The two collars are: the stylish and elegant Bree in a soft washed green (with matching lead) and a classic stiped Milla in two contrasting rust shades.
  • Custom-made Dog Collars - From: 2 Hounds Design
    The Swarovski Daisy dog collars are available in martingale, quick-release, side release or tag collar styles. The hardware for this collar is silver, to "match" the bling.
  • Dog Collar and Leash Set - From: Retro Rover
    The collars are made from high tensile strength nylon, sturdy and firm, with the 100% cotton print stitched over it.
  • Dog Collar, Lead & Matching Owner Handbag - From: Paw Palace Online
    The collar is martingale style, rather than a buckle or quick-release style. The leash was exquisitely made. Covered on both sides with the super-soft ultrasuede, it allows a few inches of plain nylon at the base to attach to the clasp.
  • Dog Collars and Leads - From: Mrs. Bones
    The collars and leads are very well made. Luxurious fabrics, stylish designs, brass hardware, two-sided leashes, and attention to detail really make these products a cut above your standard canvas or nylon collars.
  • Dog Collars - From: Haute Diggity Dog
    The letters are stunning, chrome with rhinestones, nicely rounded at the edges so you don't have to worry about the little ones getting poked by sharp points.
  • Dog Collars, Harnesses & Leashes - From: Hanna Banana
    The design of the harness is a typical style; a circle at the front, a circle at the back, and a strip running down both top and bottom to join the two.
  • Couture Dog Tee and Collar Set - From: Mrs. Bones
    Dog tee and collar set from Mrs. Bones
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