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Product Reviews

Dog Beds

  • Cake Dog Bed & Bling Dog Collar by The Ritzy Rover - From: The Ritzy Rover
    The design is spectacular with the stylishly modern "DOG" embroidered in pink silky thread around the gusset, and a pink peony silkscreened into the center of the bed.
  • Denim Dog Bed & Pillow from for the love of pete! - From: For The Love of Pete
    The bed is a delightful collage of denim pieces sewn together, complete with a few pockets and seams
  • Donut Dog Beds - From: Room Candy
    These beds, it has to be said, are one of the cutest beds we've ever seen. Featuring a tan-colored "cake" base topped with your choice of either "Strawberry" or "Chocolate" icing, and... of course... multicolored sprinkles!
  • Dream Car Dog Bed - From: CIZL
    The entire bed is hand-washable and hang to dry.
  • Wrought Iron Dog Bed - From: Howlin' Pet
    The bed is a cute style, all graceful curves. The style is very similar to a sleigh bed.
  • Fab Imperial Dog Bed - From: Pawsitively Posh
    Faberge-inspired, the bed is covered on the outside with a lavishly soft deep royal blue velvet and then encusted with pearls, rhinestones and crystals.
  • Faux Fur Shawl and Dog Bed - From: The Ritzy Rover
    The shawl is made from delicious tan-colored faux fur, features a tiny black ribbon (for looks) and a sturdy decorative pin to hold the works together.
  • Fleece Blanket and Dog Toys - From: Spot Designs
    The fleece blanket is deliciously soft and an excellent size for most pups. It's made of premium Canadian Yukon fleece and comes in two different color combinations.
  • Fur Slipper Dog Bed - From: Pawsitively Posh
    The top of the slipper features an enormous embroidered crown in gold thread, creating a very diva look.
  • Hepper Pet Bed - From: Cool Cosas
    This cool mod dog bed is just the thing for devotees of modern decor. It's sexy, it's clean, and it doesn't take up much space if you're dealing with a cramped, urban environment.
  • Hollywood Bark of Fame Dog Bed - From: Pawsitively Posh
    The design is, in a word, fabulous. They've cleverly used a black speckled Sherpa fleece to simulate the granite, a soft and cuddly pink polar fleece for the star, and a to-die-for gold lame for the piping and the famed circle in the center.
  • JakeyBB Handpainted Dog Bed - From: A Pet's World
    The design is just simply gorgeous. Gently curving lines around the bed frame open to a lower "entry" section at front, for easy pet access.
  • Kashwere Bath Robe and Dog Blanket - From: GW Little
    The colors of the robe are spa-like and lovely; pale, pale pink with just a touch of mint green trim.
  • Louis Dog Bed and Dress Set - From: The Ritzy Rover
    Louis Dog Bed and Dress Set from The Ritzy Rover
  • Louis Dog Bed & Organic Dog Toy - From: The Ritzy Rover
    Louis Dog Bed & Organic Dog Toy from The Ritzy Rover
  • Louis Dog Bed Set and Raised Diner - From: The Ritzy Rover
    Dog Beds & Dog Bowls Review
  • Louis Dog Pillow and Dog Rug - From: The Ritzy Rover
    The rug is decked out with a tree patch with a small ribbon bow and two Swarovski crystals.
  • Louis Dog Set - From: The Ritzy Rover
    This set is exactly what every princess deserves - a matching set of dog clothes, bed, carrier and toys made of incredible quality, highly impressive workmanship, and designs
  • Louis Dog Sofa and Step - From: The Ritzy Rover
    The bed is actually a full-out sofa for pets, called the Bubbly Heart Sofa, and it's just too, too cute. It's covered from tip to toes in pink faux fur, stretched over very firm molded foam in a sofa style.
  • Luxurious Lynx Bed and Blanket - From: DogChewz NYC
    DogChewz' newest bed is the luxiest ever. Every inch of this bed screams luxury, screams pampering, screams "lay on me"!
  • Luxury Dog Blanket - From: Opus Canis
    It's a stunning blanket, composed of pure cashmere wool (the backing) and pure silk satin (the top).
  • Luxury Dog Sofa and Leather Collar - From: Calling All Dogs
    Pound for pound, this is one of the cutest dog sofas. It's got a nice high back, sloping sides and a finished, covered front.
  • Mod Aqua Pillow Dog Bed - From: Lexie Lew
    The Lexie Lew beds are gorgeous, comfy, delish on the eys and paws, and a fabulous addition to your modern home. Seriously - check 'em out.
  • Modern Dog Bed - From: Neko Habitat
    This bed is stunning in its simplicity. The frame seems to be made from thick and flawless acrylic bent into shape to create a modern flair and provide a platform for your pet to sleep on. The platform has a small stainless steel foot in the centre to provide extra support.
  • Pet Bed and Blanket - From: Tots and Tails Designs
    The Snuggle pet bed is a deliciously soft cuddly bed.
  • Pillow Dog Bed - From: Monty Dog
    Covered in two complementary washable brocades, the bed exudes fun but a classy fun.
  • Pink Dreamhouse Dog Bed - From: GW Little
    The Pink Dreamhouse bed is literally a bed, den and playhouse all in one.
  • Pink Faux Fur Dog Bed - From: Room Candy
    Room Candy beds are thick, overstuffed with a very cushy fill.
  • Pink Nest Bed - From: Pawstigious Pups
    The bed is well-filled; even the nest's removable pillow was cushy. The covering fabric is super-soft; I couldn't pinpoint what it was exactly.
  • Pink Slipper Dog Bed - From: Pawsitively Posh
    The beds, like their predecessor, are shaped like a real lady's slipper, the kind you shove your foot into and pad around the house sipping tea in.
  • Plush "Poodles" Donut Dog Bed - From: Room Candy
    The "Oodles of Poodles" dog bed is one of the most luxuriously soft, decadent, cuddly beds. The fabric is called a "poodle" fabric and it consists of thousands of tiny, silky loops.
  • Custom Pet Bed - From: Pooche and Company
    All beds are hand tailord in the USA and have a launderable external cover. Additionaly, the cover is treated with a stain resistant guard.
  • Puppy Nursery Set - From: Pawsitively Posh
    Puppy Nursery Set from Pawsitively Posh
  • Red Print Dog Pillow Bed - From: Madison Avenue Mutts
    This bed, dubbed Catalina Island Red (love it) and made exclusively by Madison Avenue Mutts, is a classic rectangular pillow with a simply gorgeous design.
  • Retro Dog Bed - From: Retro Rover
    Each dog bed comes with a nylon liner that sits between the cover and the fill.
  • Small Dog Bed - From: Lollycadoodle
    The new Small Pet Bed by Lollycadoodle is perfect for napping and Corduroy definitely approves. It is made by a technique called felting and uses 100% New Zealand Wool.
  • Sniffany Dog Bed and Bling Tank - From: Haute Diggity Dog
    Brilliantly turquoise, the bed is covered mostly with a low-pile polyester plush material which looks, and feels, silky and soft. The "bow" is covered with a more utilitarian white poly covering.
  • Stockholm Travel Futon - From: Jo Sherwood Design
    The material is a dense cotton, almost like a canvas, and the cover folds over the inner pillow much like a sham on a people bed, with a touch of velcro to hold it in place.
  • Striped Pillow Dog Bed - From: Monty Dog
    The bed is filled with a very soft, very lofty material that acts much like down without the odor or loose-feathers problem of down.
  • Tweed Dog Coat, Dog Collar, Lead and Mat - From: Lovemydog
    The Thornproof Tweed coat was a lovely fit and style, with traditional Scottish woven tweed (100% wool) on the exterior, a sherpa lining, brown wool piping and smart leather-wrapped buttons on the faux belt.
  • Two Plush Dog Nest Beds - From: The Puppy Hugger
    The style of these beds are spot-on perfect for everyday lounging. Nest-style, they come up around your pet to hug them gently as they sleep.
  • Two's Company Pet Bed - From: The Puppy Hugger
    The Puppy Hugger beds are bar none the princess's favorite snoozing spot.
  • Airplane Dog Bed and Travel Toys - From: Haute Diggity Dog
    Airplane Dog Bed and Travel Toys from Haute Diggity Dog
  • Bafrom Cradle Dog Bed - From: The Ritzy Rover
    The bed ships flat, with the removable half-roof unattached, so there's a little bit of assembly when you first receive the bed.
  • Butterfly Dog Bed and Flower Toy - From: Pawsitively Posh
    The bed is adorable - even more so upon close inspection. While it is a "standard" pillow bed in that it has no bolsters or nests, the bed is far from standard.
  • Cappucino Pawd Dog Bed - From: Le Pet Petite
    The Cappucino dog bed is simply gorgeous to look at. Soft creamy fur-like exterior, chocolate minky soft interior, all tied up with a chocolate satin bow.
  • Carved Wooden Dog Bed and Feeder - From: Fun Dog Fed
    Crafted from gorgeous wood with a distressed walnut finish, the bed features absolutely incredible scrollwork all around the bottom third of the bed.
  • Chenille Chair Bed - From: Heatt of m Hearts Pets
    The bed, called the Chenille Cozy Club Chair, is fun and funky - specifically made for the wee-est of breeds.
  • Chinese Box Dog Bed - From: Pluscious Pet DÃ�©cor
    It's a stunning piece, really. Solid wood, with a lovely antiqued finish and antiqued gold edging.
  • Dog Bed and Blanket - From: DogChewz NYC
    Covered in white faux fur from top to bottom, bolster and all, the bed makes quite a statement when you first see it.
  • Dog Bed - From: Room Candy
    Room Candy's products are super. They settled on two basic styles - an overstuffed round, and an overstuffed rectangle - and then created a virtual cornucopia of different fabric coverings.
  • Dog Bed Set with Covers - From: petLINENS
    The bed is filled with high density poly fil. I'll be honest - our regular readers know we're big on highly cushy dog beds - not so dense the dog bounces off when they try to lay down, of course, but deep and puffy enough that even after the dog's been sleeping on the bed for several months, their limbs are still nowhere near the floor.
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