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Gold Bling Dog Jacket & Matching Leash

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation

The life of a princess pug, as most of you know, is a tough one indeed. There are grooming sessions. Meet & greets with the public. Long arduous minutes in front of the camera. Eating only highest-quality treats with no trans fats to keep your puppy waistline trim and furry.

But then, on the plus side (not that we're being sarcastic. no, honestly), you get to not just try out bling, not just wear bling, but know it your heart of hearts that such bling was created with pugs like you in mind.

You get to own that bling, from your chipper walk to your curly tail. Work it, girl.

The gold bling dog jacket from VIPoochy is exactly what we're talking about. A deliciously luxe jacket, good for spring or fall. It's made from a matte finish metallic gold pleather and adorned with crystals across the collar (turned up for that cool retro Elvis look, natch). It's one of the hottest, blingiest, most fun jackets we've ever reviewed.

The design features are one of the best elements of this coat, in our opinion. A double-stitched slit is sewn into top of the coat, just below the collar, to allow you to fit a collar/leash combo through the hole and still not interfere with the cut of the coat. The back of the coat also features a small strip of fabric that you can bling out with slide-on crystals - add your pet's name, a cute nickname, or even just a character charm like a star or bone. (We loved the MERRY in dazzling rhinestones, but then we're just suckers for bling all around.)

But wait -- there's more. :) A real, honest-to-goodness zipper fastens the coat together. Yes, that means it may not fit the roly-poliest of pooches, but gosh if it doesn't give a sweeter line and more "adult" look to the coat. Velcro's all very well, but nothing feels like a zipper, or hangs like one either.

We also loved how supple the pleather was - it was hugely flexible and very soft, but substantial. It's a wonderfully soft coat for your pet.

Overall, though, the thing that blew us away was the workmanship. This is a very, very well made coat. Double stitched seams, fully lined with polyester in a coordinating color. Even the zipepr is brilliantly done - as good as, if not better than some, human coats we've tried lately.

The matching puppy leash was a super idea. The company doesn't make a matching collar, since it would be hidden by the coat anyway - you can use whatever collar you like underneath. It, too, is very well made - well stitched, nickel hardware, and adorned with a row of rhinestones.

Because, as you can see, bling is the thing. And it's so the princess, wouldn't you say?

She's working it. Believe us. You couldn't match a coat with her personality better if you tried.

Four paws up and a great big puggy kiss for the gold bling dog jacket & leash! (We're tempted to pick up the coat in a few other colors for the pug for Christmas - it comes in silver and black patent too.)

You can find out more about VIPoochy from their web site at

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