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Fur Slipper Dog Bed

Article Author: Dog Beds - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

In order for a pug to be this beautiful (and who among you could possibly argue that the princess is, bar none, the most stunning pug you've ever seen?), a great deal of beauty rest is needed. Proper diet, plenty of playtime to keep her girlish figure to be sure, but the beauty rest is the thing.

This might explain the diva's helpless addiction to dog beds. Then again, it might not. It could be that she's just a greedy little thing. Why have one bed per room when you can have two?

When Pawsitively Posh decided to send along their slipper bed for the diva's delectation, I knew we were in for a fun time. Beds are bar none the most fun items Merry ever evaluates, because seeing her interact with them is, quite frankly, a hoot.

When I unwrapped the bed, the first thing that struck me was its quality. The photos really don't do justice to it. Covered entirely with white faux fur, the bed is exactly how it sounds: it resembles a ladies' slipper. The "sole" of the slipper is made from the very same faux leather fabric used on real slippers. This is more important than it sounds: it saves the bottom of the bed from getting too dirty and also prevents slipping if you have wood floors (as we do).

The top of the slipper features an enormous embroidered crown in gold thread, creating a very diva look. You can imagine how well that went over with the pug.

The interior is lined with sherpa fleece and features a removable pillow that is machine washable (air-dry).

So I unwrapped the bed and placed it beside me on the floor. Merry walked over and sniffed it. Then climbed deep inside of it, settled in, and didn't move for two hours. Every time I've turned around since, the pug has been resting in her slipper bed. To heck with the other three beds in the house!

To say that this is a resounding four paws up from the princess is an understatement! Merry loves the darn thing. I see a long line of slipper beds in her future.

The cutest part, for me, was the matching toy that came with the bed - it's a rolled-up newspaper with crinkly material inside that makes it sound just like a real newspaper when it's played with. Since the princess loves all noisy things, this toy has been a big hit. The toy is also machine washable, hang to dry.

Merry and I both loved this bed for dogs. The pug sends her regards - she's lying in it as I type this.

You can find out more about Pawsitively Posh from their web site

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