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French-Inspired Small Dog Clothes

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

One of the unspoken tragedies of running your own company is that just when you finally have a boss who won't yell at you if you take a little vacation time, that's when you realize that you don't actually have time to go flying off to Paris at a moment's notice because you're too busy running the business.

So alas, Paris and I have yet to meet. Which is to say, Paris and the princess pug have also yet to meet, and while I pine about it quietly, the princess likes to howl in very certain tones that she feels she's being mistreated by this omission in her travelogue.

Le sigh.

However, she was partially mollified when we got a package straight from Paris - a company called Dirty Little Dog has hit the streets of Paris in the past year, and they sent along two items from their Dog Rules collection (a collection of urban style, mostly simple hoodies and tees for the casual city dog look) for the princess to check out.

The first item was their PARIS Forever t-shirt in a gorgeous magenta color. The word Paris (and the teeny little word Forever) are hand-printed on the back, in a very pointy, blocky type - a shade halfway between a silver and a light blue. The waistline, neck, and arm holes are all finished with a cuff from the same lightly ribbed material.

The design is a simple one - a large piece of material makes up most of the tee, with just a small separate piece sewn over the belly (leaving the seams under the belly, so they don't spoil the look of the shirt). Fit is close to the body without being snug across the chest and shoulders, and looser and blousy from the shoulder blades to the tail. The belly does curve underneath so that the shirts are wearable by boy-type pooches and girl-type pooches equally.

The second item was their Toile du Jouy sweatshirt hoodie, and it looks much like it sounds - a toile made from a selection of line drawings featuring dogs and the Arc de Triomphe are printed on the simple grey hoodie. As with the tee, it's hand-printed.

The cut and style is very similar to the tee - arm holes and waistline are finished with a cuff from a ribbed grey material. The hoodie is a little different in that it's 100% finished inside and out. That's something you don't usually see in items made in Asia or the USA, but many European styles we've reviewed have featured this. The interior of the hoodie is soft and fleecy - perfect for chilly spring or fall days.

The fit, too, is very similar - close to the body without being snug over the shoulders and chest, and looser and blousy from shoulders to waistline.

If we had one thing to change, it would be the finishing and cut of the hood. You know me - I'm a fan of the hoodie. But this hood is cut a little oddly, making it pointy and sticking out a little further than usual from the body of the dog. And its seams weren't quite as even as I would have liked - a little buckled. It in no way detracts from the cutness of the small dog clothing, but it's not as finished as I would have expected, even with the items being handmade.

Sizing: Merry wears a size L (their largest size) in Dirty Little Dog clothing, so this is definitely one style that's suited for wee pups.

Overall, we thought these Paris-borne fashions were urban and hip! What's even better: it might give me a month or so with the pug before she starts pining for Paris again.

You can find out more about Dirty Little Dog from their web site at

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