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Four Legged Dog Raincoats

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Rain is the bane of more than just plains. Which is to say, rain is my least favorite time of year. Weather. Season. Whatever. You know what I mean.

When you're walking a pooch who is light in color and has four little scampering legs mere inches above the mud, and wet, and muck... you get a messy pug. When you're also having to drag around a recalcitrant, moody pug with the above attributes because said princess does not like to get wet much less do her business in the rain, you end up with a muddy, cranky, wet pug at the end of the trip. Not anyone's idea of a fun time. Certainly not mine.

IS Pet has come to our rescue with what I think is the cleverest of the puppy raincoats we've ever tried. And for two very handy reasons:

  1. Waterproof shell.
  2. Four. Legs. Covered.

This is a raincoat that actually covers the pug which is, in my estimation, the whole point of a raincoat. I love that it has four legs and wraps around the butt so that yes, the top of your dog (the part that's facing the rain) is kept dry, but it also keeps their underbelly and underarms (always the worst on Merry!) much cleaner from the muck and mud and - do you get the sense that I hate rainy days and pugs? They always get me down. Wait, is that how the song went?

On to the descriptions:

The first dog raincoat, featuring a delicious pink plaid shell, is called a School Raincoat but really, your pup can get away with it even if they eschew their book learnin'. All four legs and also the tail and belly are elasticized to minimize the wet and gross that can squirm in underneath. The waist has an adjustable cinch to ensure an even closer fit, and the coat also features a large and functional hood that can go over Fido's head in the event of a real torrential downpour. The hood, too, comes with an adjustable cinch so you can arrange it around their head for maximum water protection.

The School Dog Raincoat also features a "school crest" printed on the back in white. Natch. It fastens with a long strip of velcro down the belly (like a zipper, but with velcro) but honestly, we didn't even need to undo it; it slid right on and off the pug without having to fuss with velcro. Which is how I like it.

The second dog raincoat, in splashy and shiny black patent, is called the Doggy Club Raincoat and it's all about the glam. Available in shiny black, white, or gold (!!), this coat features a similar design - elasticized legs, belly and tail, large functional hood that's also adjustable. The back is decked out in solid gold lettering which ups the glam factor.

What makes this coat different is the attached "backpack" that rests over the hips. It can be kept decorative, or you can keep doggy bags, treats, or other light items inside.

Both coats feature a light mesh lining to help keep something breathable against your pooch's fur.

The fit of these dog raincoats is fabulous and, as I mentioned before, very customizable with two cinches to help keep things all tucked in. We're also a BIG fan of the styles - one cute, one glam - but most of all, we love how they keep water, muck, and dirt off your dog during walkies. They're also a breeze to clean up since the entire outer shell is waterproof. Sweet.

Four paws up!

You can find out more about IS Pet or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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