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Foodie Plush Dog Toys

Article Author: Dog Toys Review - A Merryvaluation

Oh, how the princess loves treats. Any kind of treat, really, but the fancier ones seem to be a lot more fun to eat (just moosh your face in there and go to town). Trouble is, when you're a world famous model and diva pug, you can't always indulge your love of treats. Have to keep that girlish figure, after all!

Luckily, the brilliant folks have come up with a way for the princess to have her cake without eating it too. Their brilliant new line of toys are based on desserts, and they sent the entire package out for the pug's delectation.

The set includes: Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Shortcake, Torta di Amore, Raspberry Almond Tea Sandwich, Triple Truffle Torte and a Lemon Buttercream Rosette Cake. (Room Candy also snuck in one additional dog toy from their new collection, non-foodie: a tiny skull. You can see Merry play with it in the third photo.)

Honestly, these are just the most adorable foodie soft dog toys we've ever seen. Each toy is a tiny bundle of sweet-looking perfection - and each looks good enough to eat. The size is wonderful, perfectly sized for smaller dogs.

But there's more to these dog toys than just size. The design is brilliant; each piece looks like a real treat (which is why we we ended up shooting the toys for this review on a plate). And the level of detail is just incredible. The Triple Truffle Torte, for example, features three layers of yummy looking cake with truffle mouse in between each layer. It's topped with a dollop of whipped cream (piped on with a star tip), a small chocolate cookie with the word "sweet" embroidered on it, and two red cherries, complete with stems.

It is, in short, an astounding level of detail, particularly for dog toys. They're among the most detailed and gorgeous and yet still playable that we've ever seen.

Each plush dog toy is squeezably soft, covered in buttery soft plush material and hides a squeaker.

To say the pug enjoyed her new, calorie-free treats is an understatement. A rousing game of play ensued after the photo shoot, starting with that last photo. And every time we look around, she's dragging her Strawberry Shortcake around in her teeth (you just had to know the pug would love the pink one, wouldn't you?).

It's been ages since we've been this excited about food we can't even eat! Four paws, and two pug mommy hands up for these new toys!

You can find out more about Room Candy from their web site at

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