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Faur Fur Winter Dog Coats

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation

Darling, you can have any coat you like for winter, but nothing beats the feel and look of faux fur. It's simply the most luxurious thing you can wear, and just fabulous for keeping warm on these ridiculously chilly winter nights.

Plus, glamourous? Please, darling, nothing more glamorous than (faux) fur. Especially when you're naughty and are one naked canine underneath!

The wizards of glam over at DogChewz NYC sent the princess not one, but two incredible faux fur dog coats for evaluation: a decadent Lynx coat (first two photos), and a to-die-for Snow Leopard coat (last two photos).

The style is simple, but with a few touches that make this coat a super fit. The coat covers mostly the back and sides, with a thick strap that goes under the belly and one that goes across the chest. Given the bulk of this coat, we particularly appreciated the double velcro strips. They're sufficiently long enough to ensure a secure fit across a range of shapes (though Merry found these fit her stem to stern perfectly with the velcro matching up). The chest piece in particular is nicely done, slightly squared off to ensure a flatter fit across the chest. Both straps are broad, and lined just as thickly as the rest of the coat. The belly strap has one bit of glitz: sparkly Swarovski crystal buttons adorn both sides.

A simple finished buttonhole between the shoulder blades (right beneath the collar) ensures that you can walk your pet in either collar or harness. What's a nice perk: the faux fur makes this button hole no less serviceable but slightly less noticeable, so you don't have a big gaping unused hole in the back of the coat, if you choose to use a collar.

The lining is incredible - these coats are definitely made to stand up to Old Man Winter. The Snow Leopard coat is lined with thick baby pink Polartec fleece, and the Lynx is lined with a minky black Dottie material that's both soft and thickly warm. We loved how warm and snuggly both coats were, without sacrificing movement for Merry when she's feeling frisky.

As for the faux fur itself, this is the same luxurious fabrics you see in the DogChewz beds and blankets line, so you already know that they're rich and thick, soft to the touch, very durable and machine washable to boot. We have loved these fabrics for ages and they're a perfect match for clothing.

One of the things we continue to enjoy about DogChewz is their commitment to locally produced goods. All coats are handmade in New York City and the workmanship is excellent.

Made for teenier tots, these coats start at a wee size 6 and go all the way up to size 14 (which the princess wears). As we stated before, the coats are absolutely machine washable but should be laid flat to dry - they should not be put in the dryer.

As always, DogChewz hits it out of the park with their entree into dog clothing. We loved both of these coats - the Snow Leopard and the Lynx are luxurious, fun, well made, and fit great. And they keep the princess warm while looking fabulous. Now if only we could find some lynx-or-snow leopard-lined boots to go with the coat, we'd be golden!

You can find out more about DogChewz NYC from their web site at

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