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Product Reviews

Wool Felt Pet Toys

Article Author: A Merryvaluation

Of all the products we review, I think one of the most fun for me are the toys. So cute! So imaginative! When I first started this business in 2002, I had no idea that eight years later there would be such a wide variety of adorable toys on the market - in those days, it really was much slimmer pickin's.

Case in point: these cayoooote toys from Lollycadoodle. I fell in love with them ages ago, truth be told, and was thrilled to bits when the company said they'd send along a few for us to look at.

In person, they're even more yum.

These toys are super-earth friendly, made from 100% wool felt. No poly-fil or squeakers used; they're all felt, which means they'll last a very long time and won't "break" somewhere down the line.

They also have a wide variety of cute pet toy styles. Lollycadoodle sent along one of their simple balls (in turquoise, which as you can see Merry hearts); I loved that it was a reasonable size for all but the largest of dogs. It was the perfect size for Merry to play with and run after; larger dogs would be able to clamp the whole thing in their teeth and bring it back to throw again.

The other toy style they sent was the snail, which is absolutely adorable in a lovely green shade with two cute tiny "feelers" and a long (very chewable!) tail.

As you can see, Merry went wild for these. She loves chewing on them, pawing them around, and dragging them to her bed for a good long lick (shudder). It takes forever to pry her away from them! I don't know what's in them - crack? - but these toys will definitely become a staple around our house for years to come.

If you're looking for earth-friendly toys for your dog, cute designs and something that will provide hours of enjoyment to your dog, I can't imagine a better choice than Lollycadoodle's line of toys. Four paws way up!

You can find out more about Lollycadoodle or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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