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Fashionista Dog Toys

Article Author: Dog Toys Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

With the Sex and the City movie last year and the Shopaholic movie this year, fashionistas are definitely the "it" girl of 2009. ("You speak Prada?" has got to be one of my fave lines ever.) Which makes the princess pug, diva of all divas and the "Kate Moss of pugs" very, very happy.

Finally, people are realizing her genius, her true value. Long overdue, in her furry opinion.

It's why she was so excited to see the new fashionista-themed dog toys from Haute Diggity Dog. Because even in play, every fashion-lover must stay true to her nature.

Three different designs made up this package: a red "Fursace" handbag plush toy with zebra stripe, the matching red "Christian Loubarkin - Paris" shoe toy, and of course something to charge it all with: a Nordbarks charge card plush dog toy under the name "Miss Fifi".


Let's start with the Fursace handbag toy. A smallish tote style with short handles, it comes in screaming red (fab!) with a zebra stripe (embroidered onto the bag) and the Fursace label. One of the things that continues to astonish me is the level of detail you get in these toys - right down to the small raised seams at each corner of the toy, front and back... emulating handbag seams. There's even a raised tab in between the handles where the "zipper" would go in the grownup, non-toy version of the handbag.

The purse features one squeaker in the middle of the toy and comes in two sizes - small, for teacups and toy dogs, and a large size suitable for the most impressively sized fashionistas.

Next, the Christian Loubarkin shoe dog toy. Crafted from a matching screaming red, it's an open toed pump style with an embroidered black patch near the toe and at the heel as well. The faux "openings" at the toe and foot are edged with ric rac fabric trim and the base of the heel is black, just like it would be in a real shoe. :)

The "inside" of the shoe is embroidered with black thread to read: "Christian Loubarkin" and, further down, "Paris". The squeaker is in the toe and this toy, too, comes in two different sizes: the small is just a few inches long, perfect for even the tiniest of pups (though Merry enjoyed playing with it as well) and the large shoe is suitable for most toy-to-medium sized dogs.

Finally, the Nordbarks card. This toy, too, was hysterical, in a soft off white featuring a card design with a fashionista and her diva pup on leash. In addition to these features, the credit card dog toy design came with a global logo (meaning the toy is good to be played with worldwide - heh), the card number, and the inscription "Miss Fifi". (Too bad that the card can't be customized with your pet's name - that would so rock.) One squeaker, right in the middle.

Merry loved the fashionista toys and had a great time playing with them, as you can see. With the new focus on shopaholic-like goodies, these toys are a sure bet for your diva dog... and at a fraction of the price of real Prada. Because seriously, at those prices, would you let your dog chew on them? Think not.

You can find out more about Haute Diggity Dog from their web site at

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