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Custom Pet Portrait from Rainbowdog Pet Portrait

Article Author: Dog Portraits Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Capturing the essence of someone's pet must be tough.

When you think about it, your pet's face is just as expressive - has as many pecadilloes, is just as unique, and has as many expressions as any person you've ever known. But it's more than that - due to their shorter (compared to human) life span, the custom portrait means just so much more. It's a lifetime keepsake of an animal that meant the world to one or a whole bunch of someones.

Capturing that essence, and combining it with true artistry, is the specialty of Janet Burt from Rainbowdog Pet Portraits. Her trademark style of punchy deep colors and soulful eyes makes her portraits leap from the wall.

As we do with all artists who go through our review process, rather than sending a photo to them that we'd like them to use, we let the artists themselves pick the photo(s) they wish to work from from the Merrylog. The bottom picture in this review is the original that Janet chose to work from; it was a telling choice, full of soft puggy folds and a wide-eyed ingenue look that would go perfectly with Rainbow Dog Portraits' signature style.

After the photo is chosen, Janet speaks with you to discuss the details of the portrait - which size suits you best, and whether you want a painting that can be framed or a hung with a gallery wrap. For this portrait, I asked for gallery wrap simply because I really do believe it shows off these portraits at their best, and also has a bit of a modern aesthetic that works well for our office.

Janet also helpfully suggested a strong crop of the photo, to really emphasize the puggy wrinkles and folds, as well as the wide eyes. Since she's the expert, I went with her suggestion... and I think you can agree that the resulting work shows the wisdom of that choice.

Once the phone conversation has been completed, half of the portrait price is due before work can begin. Helpfully, the artist follows up via email with a summary of the decisions the two of you made together for the portrait, and payment information, as well as next steps and how long the piece will take her to complete (in our case, 2 weeks).

When the piece is complete, Janet sends along a photo via email to let you see the finished work, and also to allow you to ask for any changes you might want. Truthfully, I was so thrilled with the photo that I didn't ask for a thing - I just wanted to see it in person straight away! The portrait ships once the final payment is sent.

Seeing this portrait in person is incredible. Merry's muzzle looks so velvety soft, and I love the pink, purple and blue hues, so unusual in her face, that really help to give the entire painting depth and definition. The simple brown background and pink "halo" really help Merry to "pop" from the painting, making her the focus in the room no matter where we seem to hang the painting.

If you're wanting a definitive portrait of your pampered pooch, with strong colors and visuals and an artist's understanding of balance and focus, Janet Burt from Rainbowdog Pet Portraits is definitely the person you want to call. A gorgeous portrait of a gorgeous girl and an heirloom to treasure for years to come.

You can find out more about Rainbowdog Pet Portrait from their web site at





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