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Fabric Harness and Flower Toys

Article Author: Dog Harness and Toys Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Can you believe it's summer already? Me neither. But if there's one thing we know about pampered pups (like the Princess Meredith), it's that they looove flowers. They love smelling them. They love trampling all over them even when we thought we were keeping them on a short leash. And they really love donning some flowers and showing off their summer colors.

It's one of the reasons Merry and I were so excited to review one of the latest designs from A Pet's World: the Soft Harness. These fabulous fabric walkers come in a variety of colors and styles, but the folks at A Pet's World wanted the princess to show off her summery style, so they sent along the Red Floral & Solid design.

The colors are bold and fun for summer. A red floral design with lime green leaves is backed and edged with a solid red fabric - this is definitely a summer red, with orange overtones rather than blue ones. The harness comes with a matching 5 foot fabric leash in the same red material. Both the d-ring on the harness and the clasp on the leash are silver.

Both the harness and leash are made with 100% soft cotton from Europe. Like most fabric harnesses, this dog walker fastens with long velcro strips. But there's an added bonus here that you don't normally see with fabric harnesses: two additional strips of fabric at the neck fasten with a clear plastic quick-release buckle (see the first photo). With this buckle in place, even if your pup tugs too hard and the velcro gets loose, you won't lose your pup. The harness will stay in place around your pup's neck thanks to the buckle.

This buckle is an ingenious feature. One of the things we liked best about it was it was clear - which meant it still allows the lovely patterns and colors to show through. Smart. Wish we were seeing more of these clear plastic buckles in the industry!

If your pup gets overheated in the summer, this is a super option for walking. It's one of the lightest weight cloth harnesses we've ever reviewed, and is comprised of just two strips of fabric; one that goes around the neck, and one that goes under the legs.

One word to the wise, however - if your pup wears a harness not for fashion but to spare his or her larynx (a.k.a. heavy tugger), this might not be the best design for you, since it also goes around the neck just like a collar.

Sizing is based on girth - that's the circumference around your pet just behind their forelegs. The Soft Harnesses are available in sizes from wee (8" girth") all the way up to larger toy dogs (23" girth). For reference, Merry has a 19" girth - though she's a very, very svelte and teeny pug. Your mileage may vary.

We loved this new harness design and can't wait to see if A Pet's World releases more fabric choices in this style!

Not to be outdone, however, the kind folks from A Pet's World also continued their "floral" theme with another package for us to try - a selection of Petal Flower dog toys. We loved the color choices - pale yellow, pale lilac, pale pink, pale blue, and hot pink polka dot (okay, especially the polka dot).

These 100% polyester toys are perfect for your wee pup - and best of all, no squeakers to replace. :) Instead, they've cleverly padded the toys with crinkly paper to ensure a noisy result every time your dog plays with them.

As you can see, the princess had a great old time playing with them - crinkly is GOOD.

You can find out more about A Pet's World from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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