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Fabric Dog Collars

Article Author: Dog Collars Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Ever since I've gotten into photography, I've had this dream of going on safari. Something straight out of the movies - lots of casually fashionable khaki and white scarves for my hair, with white billowy tents to sleep in when the sun goes down, complete with servants and silver tea service.

(Apparently I've watched too many movies.)

The major problem with this scenario, though, is the princess. It turns out:

  • Pugs look like prey to some wildlife
  • Barking tends to disturb the very thing you're there to photograph
  • Most importantly, turns out my wee princess is scared of even little bitty cats

Luckily, the princess can now have her cake and eat it too with the new Safari collection from the designers at Owen and Olivia. They sent along two new collar and leash sets for us to review: the Zebra, and the Tiger.

Both styles are just adorable and very visual (seriously - we had passersby notice the collar and leash a block away!). The Tiger is a fabulous array of yellows and tans mixed with black stripes, and the Zebra stands out with black stripes and silvery white stripes. The ribbon sewn over the nylon webbing is soft but durable. Each leash is also finished with the same ribbon including the handle (one side only).

These collars are also wide - 1" wide to be exact. The company does carry some 3/4" styles but the Safari prints are only available in the wider width. The leads are all 6 feet long.

As with all Owen and Olivia collars and leads, these leads are backed with a sturdy nylon webbing and fasten with solid black quick-release clasps. The rest of the findings are silver - the collar adjuster, the d-ring, and the leash clasp. Every product is very sturdily sewn and is waranteed againsts defects 100% by the company.

Best of all, for those who like to support local business rather than offshore: all products are proudly made in the USA.

Like all ribbon-covered nylon collars, these collars take a while to break in. They're stiff when you first get them and will take some working in before they're soft and pliable. But this is in no way the fault of the designer - we've reviewed a ton of these types of collars, and they're all the same. The good news is that they do break in, and at least they'll look fabulous while you get there!

As for Merry? She's just relieved that the package gives her a reprieve from that safari trip. Plus, she gets to look fabulous while avoiding it - a priority when you're the world's biggest diva pug.

As always, the quality and design of the Owen and Olivia line has pleased us greatly. Can't wait to see what new designs they come up with!

You can find out more about Owen and Olivia from their web site at

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