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Enamel Dog ID Tags

Article Author: Dog Charms Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

I know what you think when you look at the pug. You think it's all wine and roses. You think her every day is covered in sparkles, diamonds, rhinestones, pearls - that she wears a different set of bling every day, and that it's a glittering spectrum of decadence. It's okay. It's understandable that you believe this.

But I have a secret to share with you: there are days when - gasp! - the only jewelry Merry wears, all day long, is an ID tag clipped to her collar.

The foundation of your very existence just shook. It's okay. I'll wait while you regain your equilibrium.

Ready? Now then...

Since the princess pug, intrepid model to beat all other models, wears an ID tag at times as her only adornment, we have to make sure that it's a pretty darned cute one.

Enter H. Doodle, who sent along a great selection of their Red Dingo ID Tags for review.

These are some of the cutest ID tags we've ever seen: simple, urban, round, and a stylistic look to them that captures the eye. But there's more here than meets the eye.

These ID tags are just crying out to be customized. Each tag can be customized three different ways:

  • You can choose one of eight different tag icons: Happy Dog (a smiling pooch), Bone & Dish, Bone, Dog House, Paw Print, Fire Hydrant, Heart, or Flower. Each one of these icons are simple, iconic, elegant.
  • You can choose one of nine different background enamel colors: Black, Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Pink.
  • Finally, you can choose from one of three different sizes to suit the size of your pooch: Small (3/4 inches wide) for toy pups, Medium (1 inch wide) for small and medium sized pooches, and Large (1.5 inches wide) for large dogs.

(Photo guide: top photo is Small, second photo is Large, third and fourth photo is Medium.)

That's a lot of choices! Plus, you can then choose between 2 and 4 lines of text (depending on tag size) for the back - dog's name, emergency number to call, etc.

One of the things we liked best about these tags was their solidity. Red Dingo tags are easily twice as thick as most other dog tags - nothing flimsy here, these definitely feel built to last. The tags themselves are made from solid stainless steel with a highly polished surface and really very smooth edges.

We loved the fact that engraving is free of charge. Even more impressive is the guarantee that comes with it: the engraving is guaranteed to be legible for life. Given how often we've had charms fizzle out on us from repeated banging on collars, this is a sweet guarantee indeed.

In fact, the hardest thing about this review was getting photos of everything! The folks from H. Doodle sent us eight different styles to shoot, but we just don't have the space here to show all the color and style options they sent. Guess we'll have to send you direct to the source to check them out.

These little tags are fabulous, sturdy, stylish, and guaranteed to last. What more could you possibly want? Pick up one or two for the holidays; it's a sweet deal.

You can find out more about H. Doodle from their web site at

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