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Product Reviews

Ear Aid Cleaning System

Article Author: Dog Grooming Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

According to the folks at Happy Tails Canine Spa, ear infections are the number one reason for vet visits. Since we're all interested in making those a little fewer and further between (not including regular checkups), Happy Tails has launched a new product aimed at making dog's ears healthier, less itchy, and generally happier... naturally.

They were kind enough to send along a kit for us to review. We duly tried it, and photographed it (we could NOT resist the chance to photograph the princess pug with her ear flaps showing) - and here's the review.

The Ear Aid kit is a two part program specifically and naturally designed to cleanse, deodorize and protect your pooch's ears. It's aimed particularly at those pooches who are prone to ear infections - which, thankfully, the princess is not - but is good preventative work for any dog.

Step one of the kit is the Ear Wipes - premoistened pads that help you to clean and remove both goo and smell from your pet's ears. Things I loved about these pads: they were SMALL. It's so strange to see enormous, swiffer-wet-jet type of pads to clean a dog's ears. These are smaller - maybe an inch to inch and a half in diameter - just enough to cover one or two fingers to gently clean the inside of the ear (don't push your finger into the canal, however).

The cleanser is made up of witch hazel and colloidal silver for cleaning, calendula and comfrey to soothe, and pure lavender essential oil to leave the ears smelling fresh. Despite all the herbs and oils, like all Happy Tails products, the scent is gentle and natural and won't be difficult for your dog to take.

Step two of the kit is the Ear Clear - an alcohol free serum which contains many natural oils to soothe, heal and also help decrease pain and discomfort from ear infections. It's an antibacterial/antimicrobial formula that helps break down wax build up and also acts as a preventative against future ear infections.

Application is simple and kind of cool - it's a small dropper. Load it up with just a few drops in each ear and then treat your pooch to a happy ear massage to work the oils in.

Like all Happy Tails products, the Ear Aid Kit is SLS, paraben and cruelty free, using all-natural ingredients and with packaging printed on tree-free paper. If you like the environment, trust me, this is a great company to watch. They're committed to quality and it comes through in the many, many products of theirs we've received for review over the years.

Merry's ears have never been smoother, sweeter-smelling or cleaner. I can't guarantee you no infections - I had no way to test that part of the product - but based on what I know of Happy Tails Canine Spa's products, odds are you're going to be thrilled with the final results.

You can find out more about Happy Tails Canine Spa or find out where to buy their products from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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