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Dream Car Dog Bed

Article Author: Dog Beds Review - A Merryvaluation

Do you remember counting the days until you turned sixteen? Where I grew up, a car was practically a requirement to get much of anywhere, so we'd wait on pins and needles to get our driver training and driver's license, and then needle our folks for the rest of our days to "borrow the keys to the car". I have a better understanding today than I did then of the terror such a request must have caused in the hearts of my folks!

Well, I'm not sure I'd want the princess out and about behind the wheel of her own car, even if her legs were long enough, because she's not long on patience. (She's really more of a "hired driver for her custom Jaguar" kind of girl, anyway, so it's just as well.)

Honestly - could you imagine the tailgating? {shudder}

However, I'm perfectly fine with the princess behind the wheel of a Dream Car Bed, which CIZL kindly sent us to review. It still gives her the illusion of "being in control" while still indulging one of her favorite pasttimes: prodigious lounging.

This specialty dog bed is adorable and surprisingly roomy (it comes in two sizes - small and large - and we evaluated the large). The large size would easily accommodate two toy breed pups who like to snuggle together. Thoughtful design touches like headlights, running lights, front and back license plates make the car an incredible conversation piece for your living room.

The car's exterior is covered with a soft velour and the interior is a soft cotton. The bed comes with a removable and washable pad inside and the underside of the car is made from a non-slip, water resistant material to catch "leaks". Both trunk and hood are pillowy soft and padded to create great "built-in" pillows, but the entire bed isn't incredibly padded. It's not the best bed for pets who need a fair amount of cushion between them and the floor.

The entire bed is hand-washable and hang to dry. While it would score bigger points if it was machine washable, this isn't a common feature in specialty beds, so it's forgivable.

Best of all, the bed comes in several different color schemes. The red with yellow interior is shown in the photos, but the bed also comes in pink with pale yellow interior, blue with baby blue interior, and pale yellow with baby blue interior. The blue on blue design looks particularly fetching.

If we had one thing to change: on the large size, the sides aren't really sufficiently padded to retain their shape, as you can see from the photos. Channeled filling or an insert would help the bed to better keep its shape and for the sides to act as more of a bolster for your pet. Maybe this could be incorporated into a future design?

Overall, this is definitely one of the cuter specialty beds we've seen this year. Thanks to CIZL for sending it along!

You can find out more about CIZL from their web site at

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