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Product Reviews

Yapper-tizers Dog Treats from ModDog Bakery

Article Author: Angie McKaig

This industry is full of cute sayings, puns and plays on words. So much so that if you work in it, you get kind of numb to it all (I never thought I could get blasé about luxury items for dogs when I started this company - but five years in puppy pinafores is a long time!).

However, I have to admit that even I fell in love with the treats from ModDog Bakery once I heard their name: Yapper-tizers.

Oh, come on. That's cute!

What's even better, if you ask the princess, is the taste. The folks at ModDog sent along two different flavors from their treat selection: "Big Kahuna" flavor, and "Health Mutt". Ever since, the princess pug has been jonesing for a treat fix.

Spoiled? Who pug?

The Big Kahuna treats were really interesting, ingredient-wise - flavors you don't often see in dog treats. Shredded coconut, pineapple and papaya give these treats a real "island" feel (and smell). The pug went nuts at the coconut smell and as I write this, she's sitting beside me looking for another hit of Big Kahuna. The other ingredients were simply oat flour, rolled oats, chicken broth, oil, and baking powder.

As a concerned pet parent, I love these simple ingredients. If I can't approve of - not to mention pronounce - every item in my pet's treats, I don't want her eating them. As far as I'm concerned, chemicals have no place in pet treats and the folks at ModDog certainly share my ideals.

The other flavor, Health Mutt, contained a more slightly more traditional ingredient list. But even here, the company has set themselves apart by including a few twists. These smaller biscuits (they're half the size of the Big Kahuna biscuits, which are the biscuits in the pictures to the right) includ oat flour, rolled oats, cheddar cheese, chicken broth, carrots and celery. The cheese is a great twist that made Merry sit up and get happy.

With all the recalls going on in the past few months, it's tough to know what's safe and what isn't. The folks at ModDog have emphasized that not only do their products not contain wheat gluten, they contain no wheat whatsoever. All treats are wheat and corn free and are made in the USA with ingredients from the USA.

We liked the company's simple designs, their unique recipes, and their commitment to simple, wholesome treats for pets.

Merry, on the other hand, liked the taste. Trying to get a shot of her before she decimated the plate full of Big Kahunas was quite an effort!

The back of every package of ModDog treats comes with a warning: "This product has been proven to cause drooling and may cause extreme excitement in dogs". I've got the proof at my knee, folks - by the way, she says woof. ;)

You can find out more about ModDog Bakery from their web site at

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