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Dog Treats Selection

Article Author: Dog Treats Review - A Merryvaluation

When you're a diva pug with a modelling schedule, a demanding public and a huge amount of playtime every week (squeezed in between beauty rest naps, of course), you've got to keep up your strength. For Merry, princess pug, that means treats.

Plus, like most pugs, she's just, you know, all about food.

It's why she was over the moon for the package we received from the folks at Wet Nose Dog Bakery. They kindly sent along their enormous Treats to Go! Box (filled with four 5oz. bags of  treats and a teeny tennis ball, to boot) as well as an additional two 5 oz. packages of treats so   we could sample all of their delicious flavors. Well, so Merry could sample them, actually - we  just watched and observed.

Here's a mouthwatering glimpse at the treats the pug couldn't wait to rip into: PB in Belly, Nutty Bones, Cheese Please!, UNeedamint!, Gingersnaps and Herb Hearts.   And as you can see   from the photos, the princess was dying to dig in from the very first sniff.

All treats come in charming array of possible shapes - Paws & Hearts, Scotties & Hydrants, or Spring Shapes (think flowers). They're made from natural, human-grade ingredients and are homemade. No artificial preservatives of any kind, which is definitely our preferred way for the   diva pug to snack.

Each package comes with a breakdown of ingredients. Additionally, the company makes the complete ingredients list available on their web site, so you can vet for allergies and such. This    is always helpful.

As you can see, these hard-baked biscuits were a hit with the princess! It was tough, in fact, to keep her from diving face-first into the plate of low-fat Herb Hearts until we were ready with the camera. They were a huge hit, and while we cut her off at three treats, she was delightfully licking her chops for quite a while after.

If we had one thing to change with these treats, it would be the use of margarine (in the Cheese Please! treats only). Olive oil would be preferrable, or even butter - while it's a saturated fat, yes,  it's also broken down more easily by the body than the chemicals you'll find in margarine. If    you're one of those pet parents who (like us) are trying to make the smartest, healthiest choices possible for your pet, we'd recommend the other flavors. But we're also hoping that with this review, the company will consider other options in future recipes!

Merry loved the treats: loved the smell, loved the taste, loved chasing around the little tennis ball she received with the Treats to Go! Box. Yummy things indeed from Wet Nose Dog Bakery!

You can find out more about Wet Nose Dog Bakery from their web site at

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