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Dog Treats, a Dog Collar and Perfume

Article Author: by Lulu Jane Elegant Pet Products - A Merryvaluation

Is there anyone out there who doesn't know that Merry is a diva? Well, if you're not sure, let me assure you. She is a diva through and through. Nothing but the best will do.

Which is why she was particularly delighted to receive the package from Lulu Jane Elegant Pet Products - a collection of products made for divas if there ever was one.

The collar and leash set were very impressive. Very sturdy (something you don't always get in very diva-like products made for small dogs), and adorned in gold hearts and Swarovski crystals, with gold-toned hardware. The stonewashed denim feels buttery soft, almost as though it were lightly flocked. And Merry, of course, looks stunning in it. If I had any suggestions for improvement, it would be to add another loop for the leash attachment at the back of the collar. Currently, the only way to attach the leash is either to the buckle itself at the back, or the loop in the front of the collar.

The treats are nothing short of decadent, really. I laughed aloud when I opened the box and found truffle-style concoctions inside, dipped and drizzled in pink and carob. Keeping Merry away from the treats long enough to take the photo was a challenge! Needless to say, they disappeared soon after and I caught the princess licking her chops for quite a while afterward. Is there any diva who doesn't adore truffles?

The real pièce de resistance, though, was the delightful perfume. Part of Lulu Jane's "Hollywood Vanity" collection, it's a light jasmine scent that can be used as a glossing spritz. It comes in a decadent old-Hollywood style bottle, complete with atomizer pump and silky black tassel. In fact,                                               it looks so adorable, I keep it out on a tray in the restroom for guests to admire! My guests get a hoot out of the fact that Merry has her own luxury perfume.

Overall, Merry and I were very impressed by the quality and care put into these products. They've targeted the "diva" market flawlessly, and paid very careful attention to aesthetics, which should please the pampering owners as well.

You can find out more about Lulu Jane Elegant Pet Products from their web site

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