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Dog Toys & Sleeping Bag for Pets

Article Author: Dog Accessories Review - A Merryvaluation

Our regular readers will know that Merry's a city girl, through and through. She loves the sidewalks, the shops, the charming parks tucked in between skyscrapers, shopping, fabulous restaurants, cultural events, and did we mention shopping? The wilderness she's been exposed to has been more along the lines of a beach, a large city park with lots of room to run, or the overgrown weeds at a highway rest stop.

Still, no girl likes to go about unprepared, so Merry and I were thrilled to accept a Doggie Sleeping Bag from Bamboo for review. The company even kindly sent along a few of their industrial-strength squeaker toys for the princess to test out as well.

I have to say, the sleeping bag is completely perfect. Retro in the real sense of the word, with a thick khaki material on the outside and a brushed plaid flannel on the interior. Reminded me of sleeping bags we used to use when I was a kid.

Yes, it has straps on the outside for easy-roll-up. They're darned handy too - no tying involved, just elasticized to slip over each end and truss the thing up properly. Adorable little bone chew toys come attached to the straps to entertain Fido while the bag's rolled up. I have to admit, it seems like these little bones might just be vulnerable spots for enthusiastic chewers - I'd be tempted to remove the bones and just keep them in the bag for play during trips.

The zipper follows along the entire side and bottom of the bag, allowing you to either snug your little bug into place or unzip the bag completely to turn it into a handy mat for lying around. The zipper is also plastic coated so there's less worry of snagging your furkid while trying to do up a sleeping bag by flashlight!

The squeaker dog toys are fantastic, particularly if you have an enthusiastic chewer in your home. The toys are small, so they're toy-breed-friendly (although they also come in medium and large sizes for bigger breeds). The fabric, as opposed to many soft toys, is a stiffer nylon-like material. This will reduce damage to teeth and gums, based on the information Bamboo sent along for our review.

These dog toys - including the round mini-frisbee (perfect for tiny mouths) - are also "combat-tested" by dogs to ensure that they're tough enough to last with enthusiastic play. The toys are machine-washable and can even be tossed in the dryer on low.

I have to admit it. The sleeping bag and combat-tested toys are almost cute enough to force Merry and I to brave the wilderness just to have more excuses to use them. We loved the bag in particular - it's adorable, it's inspired, and it's great for families that like to bring Fido along on camping trips. (Ours may be used more for sleepovers at friend's houses, sure, but only because we're not sure what to do without running water and electricity. Where do you plug the hairdryer?)

You can find out more about Bamboo from their web site at

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