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Dog Tees

Article Author: Dog Clothes - A Merryvaluation

When it comes to building a good summer wardrobe for your pet, there are a few things to keep in mind. Brighter colors and wider collars for days when it's just too hot to go out wearing clothing. At least one raincoat for the unexpectedly chilly summer shower. And as many dog tee shirts as you can get your grubby little paws on.

Let me reiterate that, in case you missed it. As many tee shirts as you can get your grubby little paws on. As the diva pug will tell you, it's about variety. Oh yes.

And so the diva and I were pleased to open our package from Ruff'N It to find not one but three new tee shirts inside: the Man Magnet dog tee, the Movie Star dog tee, and the Hot Mocha dog tee.

The tees were all well made from 100% combed cotton (made in the USA!), stretchy and seamed at the neck, waist and cuff. They fit Merry like a second skin, as you can see from the shots. And the colors! Pink in every one, which as everyone knows is the diva's signature color. Ruff'N It's line of shirts has a huge vast array of styles and colors available.

The designs and art on the back of the first two shirts were cute, and very appropriate. Merry will turn plenty of heads in these shirts, particularly the Movie Star tee (I think she's convinced most of our neighbours that she's a movie star anyway, so this will be fitting).

If we had one thing to change about these shirts: we hope to see another run of these shirts printed with a slightly better QA process before the line is run through, because there were definite color offsets (where colors overlap, or don't quite meet up properly) in both of the printed shirts. This may not be a problem with all of their designs, and it definitely shouldn't be a problem with a one-color design, but both of the printed shirts we reviewed had this issue. (Obviously, this wasn't an issue for the Hot Mocha, which was plain on the back!)

Regardless, Merry is a very happy pug to have three new shirts for spring, and we hope to see even more exciting designs from Ruff'N It as the season progresses!

You can find out more about Ruff'N It from their web site
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