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Christmas Dog Toys by Haute Dog Boutique

Article Author: Dog Toys Review - A Merryvaluation

When your name is Merry, and you were named by a woman born on St. Nicholas Day, odds are Christmas is going to be a big thing for you. [Ed. -- sure, her full name is Meredith, but why do you think that name was chosen in the first place? Because it shortens to Merry, short for Merry Christmas, of course of course.]

So yes, every year when the Christmas decorations come out, we put away the princess's pink toys and purple toys and bring out red and green and silver and blue, Santas and reindeer and all that great stuff. You might say it's made us - and her - somewhat of an expert in the world of Christmas dog toys.

Which is why we were squealing with delight when we opened a package for review from Haute Dog Boutique and found what might just be the cutest Christmas dog toys ever.

The first set, the Naughty and Nice balls, came in an adorable clear plastic carrier that had sparkly silver tinsel in the bottom. It looked so festive, we almost didn't open the package.

(Oh, who are we kidding anyway?)

Each ball is a brilliant red fleece with the words "naughty" and "nice" embroidered with silver thread. They (of course!) hide a squeaker that got the wee princess excited the moment she heard it. They're soft and squishy, but are still a ball that is fun to play catch with. The best of both worlds, really. And the red - these pictures just don't do it justice. It's a perfect Christmas-y red.

The other set contains, hands-down, the cutest toys we've ever seen. Made of molded rubber, they're made to look like Christmas lights in red, green and white. Even the stems are a charming silver. The great thing about these toys is that they are hollow inside, so they're still light enough for a pug to pick up with her teeth, but sturdy enough that most dogs should be able to last out the holidays with them.

As you can see, the princess loved chewing on them just as much as she enjoyed chasing around with them later, after the shoot.

These are some of the cutest and most clever designs we've ever seen for holiday toys, and we're just so excited to add them to Merry's collection!

Four paws up, three Christmas lights, two naughty and nice balls, and one very merry Merry Christmas. Many thanks to the brilliant folks at Haute Dog Boutique for sending them along!

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