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Dog Raincoats

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Before I got a dog, I never used to think much about the rain. It would rain, then it would stop, and then I'd be happy again because I didn't have to carry a big stupid umbrella with me and my hair would stop frizzing all over the place. That's about the extent of it.

Then I got a dog, and all bets were off.

I never knew how much mud there was in the world until I started walking Merry. Learning how to steer her around the worst of the mud puddles seemed like some kind of obstacle course. But even when I was successful, somehow I always managed to get home and the pug's entire undercarriage would be dripping and filthy. Took me ages to realize just how much grunge is on our sidewalks even if you stay away from the mud puddles.

Who knew?

Making it worse is the fact that there are really very few cute puppy raincoats out there for pets - when compared to all the other products available. It's why we were thrilled to get a package of raincoats to try out from Le PuppyPoo.

The very first thing we liked: these folks thought about the undercarriage. No single strip of fabric here; these coats surround your pet 360 degrees and even have sleeves to cover part of their forelegs. What a wonderful change for the better!

The fabric itself was a great water-resistant material, slightly stiff, not too thin but still suitable for summer rain.

But baby, it's all about the pink. We loved the gorgeous pink tones - both light and dark - in the pink coat and the royal blue is just classic. The coats also come in a khaki green and a black with red accents. Sweet.

The coats are really very adorably designed. They're a boxy style to help them fit as many body shapes as possible, with a large working hood that even includes a nice long drawstring. The sleeves are rolled up and the collar placket and base of the coat are in a contrasting color: light pink on the hot pink coat, and yellow on the blue.

They're even clever enough to realize - as so few other dog raincoats out there do - that sometimes it's cold outside when it's raining, and Fifi needs a little more than a thin shell over her to keep her warm. These coats come with a lightweight fleece liner that's - here's the kicker - removable.                                                The coats then work in both chilly rain and warm rain. Ahhh. So simple, yes? But so badly needed!

If there was one thing we would change about these coats, it'd be the fasteners. While we love real coats that do up properly as opposed to velcro strips, these coats attach with plain button-and-button-holes. This style is probably one of the hardest, in our opinion, to fasten on a dog. They're also not sewn on as tightly as we'd like - they felt loose and didn't seem to have as many loops of thread as we would have liked to see. Finally, we really think the coat could have used three fasteners instead of two - two buttons just didn't seem like enough in the larger sizes, though it's probably just perfect for the Chihuahuas among us. :) We'd love to see the buttons replaced with (three) snaps or even a zip in future versions.

Still, all in all, these are minor concerns given how many great things the coat does in terms of design. We really love the style and hope we'll see more innovations in design from the folks at Le PuppyPoo!

You can find out more about Le PuppyPoo from their web site at

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