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Dog Tutu

Dog Clothes Review - A Piper Product Review
by Jenny Gregorich

Piper is the new model at Pampered Puppy.  She is a 6 month old Biewer Terrier (think a cousin of a Yorkshire Terrier). She is one spoiled little girl who rules the roost over her big brothers.

When Olivetini contacted Pampered Puppy to do a review on their luxury line of dog tutus, we could not have been more excited. They were kind enough to allow Piper (ok, me) to choose which tutu she wanted to wear. After much hard thought, the Bardot Red Rose Dog Tutu was chosen. Even in the pictures on the Olivetini website, I could tell that they were well made, beautiful, and fit for a spoiled little girl, like Piper is.

Because Piper is still young, she hasn't had time to build a full wardrobe yet. This was the first tutu she had seen and it exceeds expectations. The fantastic thing about tutus is that they are great for dressy parties, but also can be worn to cheer on your favorite team or to make mom smile on a bad day. Just like your skin child, every little girl needs a tutu in her closet.

Opening the package up, it included a message: "Hang so the skirt can poof out". So the tutu was hung up and left for a few days. I've seen tutus in the past that have some poof, but nothing out of the norm. Well, it was a huge surprise when coming back a few days later and the tulle skirt was HUGE. While this is great for wearing, it was an issue for taking pictures as the tutu didn't want to lie flat on the ground. This is why you don't see any picture of the full outfit. When purchasing your Olivetini tutu, make sure you leave a lot of room in your pampered puppy's closet.

Getting Piper into the tutu was very easy. The top is a simple style black t-shirt that is easy to slip on and off over your dog's head. While the tulle skirt is huge, it doesn't interfere with getting it on your dog. Once on, Piper was very comfortable and had no problem walking around with this on. Potty breaks were also very easily done with this outfit.

The top is a black shirt that is high quality, a good fit, and made for dogs. It featured a red rose accent, black feathers, and a d-ring. Since I will only walk Piper with a harness, I love the added bonus of the d-ring. The tulle skirt was thick and featured many layers. I can honestly say that this Olivetini tutu (or any from their selection) will become an instant hit in your house.

While all the fluff is cute, one of the most important things for me is that the outfit has wearability. Piper is a puppy still, she loves to run, play, and wrestle. I need puppy clothes to be able to be worn and played in and still look good. And you know what? This tutu does. You can't get much better than that. It is beautiful, well made, and holds up to a dog being a dog! As you can tell from the picture earlier we were outside playing and even after that, it looks just like I took it out of the package.

At Olivetini they not only have the stunning Bardot Red Rose Dog Tutu featured in this review, but also many other color combinations to suit your fancy. For those looking for a unique Christmas item, check out their Holiday themed tutus. For those with male dogs, the t-shirts will make your little man look very handsome. Besides the tutus and t-shirts, they also have harnesses.

You can find out more about Olivetini or where to buy their outfits by visiting their website at Tell them Piper sent you!

Piper pictured in her Olivetini Tutu. Top view and side view with leash attached. 

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