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Dog Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: dog collars, harnesses and leads are the shoes and purses of dogwear. Just as any self-respecting fashionista must have dozens of pairs of shoes, for every occasion (and that includes some of the lesser-known holidays, like National Chocolate Day... mmm, chocolate...), color and style: so, too, must the fashionista dog, herself a slave to the whims of designers, own enough styles of walkwear to see her through every occasion and fashion trend.
Don't you think?

Luckily, companies like Hanna Banana exist to help your pooch fill in all the nooks and crannies of your pet's wardrobe. The company sent along a huge selection of walkwear for the princess and I to try out for fall, and we (like always) fell in love.

The dog harness and lead set in the top photo is their new "Elizabeth" pattern. Backed with hot pink nylon, the set is covered with a friendly green ribbon with hot pink flowers and white accents. The design of the harness is a typical style; a circle at the front, a circle at the back, and a strip running down both top and bottom to join the two. Both circles are adjustable, ensuring a snug fit (luckily, the princess didn't have to adjust a thing - didn't you just know she was so perfect that fashions just fit her perfectly? Oh, to have her life!). A nice solid silver d-ring at the back attaches to the leash, which comes in both 4 and 6 foot lengths (the latter is pictured).

The second style, from Hanna Banana's Ooh La La collection is perfect for fall; a combination of pink and chocolate that we love. It's a bold diagonal stripe, backed in chocolate nylon, and with an adorable flower on the neck for a bit of oomph. What we liked best, though, about this collar was its versatility. You see, no big plastic or metal latches! It featured a real buckle and real collar holes reinforced with metal rings. It's almost unheard of in a ribbon collar - one with a nylon back, but we LOVED it. It's so nice to see that option, because honestly, hands-free clasps get so, well, bulky.

We also loved that this cute, design-conscious set comes up to HUGE sizes. It can be tough to find stylish stuff for larger pups, that give them a kick of the feminine look without trying to stuff a husky into a prom dress. This set fits that to a tee.

Finally, we moved on to the last item: one of this season's hottest styles, the pink skull and crossbones. (Is there anything we won't put a skull and crossbones on?) Just like with the Ooh La La set, Hanna Banana wasn't content with the status quo; they wanted to innovate, to push the bar a bit higher, and they did with the invention of the Tag Thingy. That's the extra, teeny, almost "mini-collar" attached to the collar itself.

The company tells us that this originally was built to hold charms; we all know how tough it can be to switch out charms between dozens of collar styles. This was meant to be the solution, and it works for that wonderfully. But the company has also found it has many other uses. It works as a keychain, either to carry yourself (and match your pup on walks) or to hang a single house key from so you don't have to carry anything at all! It also could function as a loop to hang a bag dispenser from. Really, there are just many possible uses for this nifty little item.

As with the last batch of Hanna Banana items we reviewed, we were thrilled with this set. Quality was great, and fit was so perfect that - literally - we didn't need to adjust a thing, everything fit Merry from first go.

And, as always, ribbon collars, leads and harnesses allow us to do the one thing we fashionistas love most: build the wardrobe. :) You can never have too many collars!

You can find out more about Hanna Banana from their web site at

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