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Dog Collars

Article Author: A Merryvaluation

The trouble with pet collars is that, very often, they're your pet's only fashion statement. They need to look good, be serviceable, and fit your pet's personality.
Merry was thrilled when we received our collection of collars from Haute Diggity Dog. They came in a variety of fun colors - lime green, hot pink, and black & white animal print. But Merry particularly loved the rhinestone letters spelling out her name - exchangeable, so she could have her name on any collar she chose!

Really, it's a great idea. The letters are stunning, chrome with rhinestones, nicely rounded at the edges so you don't have to worry about the little ones getting poked by sharp points. They're flat and hollow, so you can slide them over each collar. And the collars come in many other colors, as well - though their web site doesn't say much about it, you can e-mail them and ask for more information and where to buy them.

They're great little decorative dog collars, and would do very well for a smaller dog who likes to have many fashion-conscious collars available at their disposal. Because they are relatively thin (1/2" at the 14" size) and rubber foam-backed, I don't think they'd be practical for larger dogs or dogs who have a habit of pulling on their leashes. The way Merry tugs when we're on our way to an outdoor play session, I think I'd want a sturdier collar for those times - but they look super around the house, and for shorter walks when pulling is not as much of an issue.

Merry loves the rhinestones best of all. But then, she's always wanted to see her name in lights. ;)

For more information about Haute Diggity Dog collars, visit their web site at

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