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Dog Collars and Leads

Article Author: Dog Collars - A Merryvaluation

Let me tell you a secret. I love collars. Yes, Merry has dozens, but in my opinion a diva pug cannot have too many collars. Part of it is the breed; they overheat so easily in the summertime that I can't always put her favorite tees and polos on her. Collars, then, are a way to show her deliciously fashionista tendencies while still keeping her cool throughout the summer season.

But I also love collars for dogs because they're fun. They're mix and match. Half of the time we spend at the front door is deciding which collar would best suit the outfit she's wearing. It's like shoes, only for dogs.

So we were very excited to see what Mrs. Bones would send along; we were far from disappointed with the results!

The first set was a very diva pink collar and leash, with classic black polka dots. Nothing says diva girl like pink, so the princess was excited. The leash is just short enough to be able to take her with me to more populated areas like summer events in and around the city; it keeps her close to me without making her feel stifled.

And did I mention it was pink? :)

The second collar was a martingale collar. I'll be honest here and admit I'd never used a martingale collar on Merry before. For those who aren't familiar with the term, these are collars that are variable width around the neck - if the dog walks beside you, the collar stays wide and open. If the dog starts to pull on the leash, the collar gently tightens around her neck, encouraging her to walk beside you rather than pull you like a sled.

Unlike the chain link martingale collars I'd seen before, this was a very gentle version - completely done in wide ribbon, so that it was much kinder to Merry's little neck when she got excited. And the fabric, as you can see, was lovely. A very decadent pattern that suited Merry very well. And yes, she told me so.
The third set was hands-down our favorite. Made of black velvet (both collar and leash), the set is decadence personified. The nice people from Mrs. Bones were even kind enough to have Merry's name embroidered in gold on the collar. This set will get a lot of use over the fall and winter months, because it's absolutely adorable, and really, black velvet is so classic, don't you think?

Best of all, the collars and leads are very well made. Luxurious fabrics, stylish designs, brass hardware, two-sided dog leashes, and attention to detail really make these products a cut above your standard canvas or nylon collars. I'd love a dozen more, easily. That will be going on my wish list for Merry this holiday season.
Four paws and two thumbs up for Mrs. Bones!

You can find out more about Mrs. Bones from their web site at

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