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Dog Collar, Lead & Matching Owner Handbag

Article Author: Dog Collar Review - A Merryvaluation

When you live in the big city, the whole point of going for walks is to see and be seen by your fans, your public, your peers and all the fabulous people you've yet to meet.

Luckily, the folks at Paw Palace Online have it all figured out. They sent along a new walking set built specifically for stylish pups and their moms by designer Onleash.

This Snow Leopard set is a delicious mix of ebony and ivory shades, a dramatic look with solid black accents. The material is all luxe; animal print ultrasuede that's so kitteny soft to the touch, you'll want to keep stroking it.

The collar is martingale style, rather than a buckle or quick-release style (the smallest size does have a quick-release to lighten the weight for tiny necks). It's a slightly modified martingale style than we're used to that's actually more convenient, since there's a smaller loop of fabric than usual. We actually prefer this (it can be unsightly to have yards of fabric sticking out at the back!). Fronted with ultrasuede and backed with sturdy black nylon, it's a collar that will last a good long time with proper care.

The dog collar leash was exquisitely made. Covered on both sides with the super-soft ultrasuede, it allows a few inches of plain nylon at the base to attach to the clasp. The handle, though, is where this leash really shines - a double loop of black nylon and ultrasuede wrapped nylon ensure a comfortable grip for the owner, and the schmancy chrome Onleash logo at the base of the handle gives it just that bit of panache that sets it apaart from other sets.

The ladies' handbag is a great size, not too tiny (for those of us with full-sized wallets) but also not so large our shoulders will be aching. No pockets on the outside, but this does keep a cleaner line, particularly with this kind of pattern. A zip closure runs across the top of the handbag. The interior is similarly plain but for the one zip pocket on the back wall. The luxury of this purse definitely comes from the fabrics, findings and patterns. Plain black ultrasuede covers the bottom of the purse and the strap attachments as well. The strap iself is easily modifiable from a short shoulder length to a long strap suitable for low hip wear or cross-body wear.

Findings for the collar, leash and purse are all chrome.

The fabric is definitely the star in this ensemble. It's so visually striking that we were stopped a few times on the street while out "being seen" by Merry's adoring public. It's also just incredibly soft - yes, we've already mentioned that, but it really is quite remarkable.

Workmanship is great, and we really like the way the entire set flows together. The leash stands out as perhaps the best-designed of the ensemble. And since that's the part you're touching the entire time on your walk, it's really quite noticeable.

If we had one thing to wish for: we'd love to have the option of martingale or buckle on the collar (for a set this luxe, a quick-release really isn't the way to go, in our opinion) for those doggies that just don't do well with this style of collar.

In all, we really did love the set. It's cute, it's fun, it's deliciously decadent looking and it makes walkies just a little more fun. Could you ask for anything more than that?

You can find out more about Paw Palace Online from their web site at

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