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Article Author: Dog Clothes - A Merryvaluation

Merry, as most of you know, has a deep and abiding love of fashion (usurped only by her love of luxurious dog beds). Diva styles suit her best, but really, any new clothes are enough to send her spinning in circles, tail wagging. She's a true clothes horse - or clothes pug, I suppose, in this case.

As a result, she was one happy little puppy the day we received two new puppy coats from Beanies and Belvedere to review. “New clothes! Coats, even! Let's try 'em on, Mom! You say what? It's hot and humid outside? Who cares? New clothes!”

I have to admit the coats were stunning. Designed by Beanies and Belvedere (a Vancouver-based company), they had lots of little touches that made them some of the nicest doggie clothing we've ever reviewed.

The first item, the Sports Vest raincoat, was a trendy yellow slicker created for wear during warmer weather. It's made of a breathable material, with a turquoise liner. It came low enough on Merry's belly to protect her from the elements without hindering the running and jumping and playing that the little bit feels she absolutely must do every time she gets around other doggies.

The adjustable drawstring cord let me snug it in around her belly (she's quite svelte when she's not sitting...) and the coat even featured two pockets at the tail to hold baggies for our walks. Merry likes the fact that I can stuff a few treats in there, as well.

I like the fact that I have a less soggy doggy when we go out for a walk!

Merry's favourite coat, though, was the Classic Houndstooth coat. She's been a longtime admirer of the Jackie Kennedy look, very tailored, very classic. This coat made her look like the little princess she is.

The coat comes in a delicious apple green houndstooth, with a luxurious faux fur collar and is lined with fleece to keep the princess warm. The real pièce de la resistance, however, is the heavy nickel-plated brass buckle that comes with the belt to tie it all together. A nip at the waist, and the princess is as cool and classy as Jackie herself. All we need now is some cooler weather so we can go for an afternoon of shopping and tea.

Merry and I both give these high-quality coats two paws up!

Beanies and Belvedere designer wear can be purchased direct from the company at Tell them Merry sent you!

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